So recently I was browsing RPs and I found out that both Anya Kittos and Ven'Rain Sekairo are proposing to Circe.

What the kriff?

I know it's all character development and all, but still. Both Circe and her writer are affirming she's truly loyal to Jak, but just how far is loyal to Circe? I mean, what is considered loyal these days - even by Circe?

I just want to know why she's making herself so available - and expects the same from Jak - if she's so 'loyal'. Cheating on Jak with the Emperor's a bit of an accomplishment, I'll give her that, but (personally) I think she should stop being so free with her body. She just charms over a few men, and then suddenly she's a smashing hit.

Jak want to smash computer.

Ah well. If all goes pear-shaped, then I suppose Jak's available. Here's lookin' at you, gurl! *sips ale*