2 oftn i c ppl ju5t been st00pid lol, fiting teribly, s0 here i5 guid3z to help u w1n all fites u start
  1. part a: b3 a t0tal jrk tu the no0bs - tehy suk cause u got here frst. uwin aganst them always
  • partb: rpjs ar alwasy wr0ng lol. rep0rt them 2 adm1n, cuz u rok and u desurv t0 w1n. u've fot for thi5 long... u desurv to w1in : )
  • part 3: save ur best wepuns 4 last - tehn ur enmies cant fite u propulry, bc ur 3cool5them
  • 4 - Don't listen to any of this advice.