/Date: Redacted
/Location: The Right Hand, above Selvaris
/Name: Dr. Alset Neist
/Log: 113-B
//Begin Transmission
:…And that concludes my lengthy and overly detailed departure from Titan Industries…Oh, the recorder switched over. Forgive me, if you are interested in priory described information, please look to log X01-A. Of course, it’s encrypted and sealed. But that’s neither here nor there.:
:Clicking in the background, sounding oddly similar to a type writer.:
:It is with regret that I inform the scientific community that Ijaat [Redacted] has escaped from Selvaris and somehow made it off world. I hypothesize that his recent Vong forming has allowed him, through communication with biots, to assimilate into Vong craft seamlessly. No one saw his departure and no one can explain the occurrence, though the three dead Yuuzhan Vong Shapers may have something to say in that regard – if they had the vocal cords and presence to do so. Needless to say, I suspect foul play and have thus, departed from the planet into the safety of the Right Hand, the Immortal of the Wrath.:
:Clears throat:
:Science is often predicated on these such hiccups and nuances. However, as they say on the holonet – the show must go on. As such, I will now describe the characteristics of Ijaat [Redacted], coated in the Adriel Ooglith. First and foremost, the enhancement of the body.
The initial analysis performed on the subject showed an increase in dexterity, strength, and speed equivalent to roughly 52.142% of the original stats. We conferred this through observation of the earlier 'training accident' on Adumar. However, the Ooglith is a single minded species in its processes, especially in this particular situation. After donning any form of armor – we used scavenged mandalorian pieces of armor from earlier encounters – we found that the strength capacity was nullified and for all intents and purposes, the subject reverted to original specs. Now, I hypothesize that this occurred due to a failure for the augmentation to coincide with mechanical communication between host, ooglith, and mechanical/non organic substances. Enhancements can not occur while the cilia is entirely entranced in communication. However, this is where things become interesting…
:Lighter flint flick:
:The Ooglith, as previously alluded, is capable of communicating with a suit’s heads up display, internal computing systems, and artificial intelligence when equipped. This capability doesn’t stop with armor though, it extends to other mechanical vehicles as well. This can include repulsorcraft, droids, defense mechanisms, even life stabilization units. Of course, it requires tactile touch. However, the subject was capable of controlling systems during testing, even to the point of being a nuisance - and a persistent one at that. We found that many systems are incapable of handling such issues because the encryption of the signal, and it’s transference, are inherently biological and thus, pass through software based defenses more easily. Is that to say nothing is immune? No, I would never suggest such a thing. But this Ooglith has no precedence and we must hope for the best and prepare for the worst – and I’m not entirely sure which is which.:
:Pause, followed by puffing.:
:The subject has gone through numerous changes, including but not limited to: Vong forming and replacement of bones with chitinous biots, now dubbed Bonack’gul. Not sure I pronounced that right, but the Legion Yun’Do Master Shaper insisted. Of course, she wanted to replace every bone in the Mandos body but I informed her of the relationship of marrow to blood and she conceded the point, albeit reluctantly. On top of this, the Bonack’gul were injected with the Adriel Ooglith – the first of its kind, which ruptures flesh and muscle upon exit from the body. It’s at this point that the Ooglith will shroud the wearer in this undersheath substance, protecting him from substantial damage, though not nearly comparable to Beskar or Vonduun. All of these experiments, absent any form of anaesthesia despite my insisting, has led to the subject having an acute yet robust form of memory loss. It’s hard to say how far it extends back, but he seemed to just barely recall the ‘training accident,’ 3 hours prior to his vanishing. I suspect such memory loss was a coping mechanism for the pain endured, which was quite substantial and persisting.:
:As for the Ooglith itself. Just like any species of Vong, this creature shows certain levels of immunity to the force. Along with that, the bones that house the Ooglith also show this immunity. Simply put, Ijaat [Redacted] is a “half force dead” Mandalorian, though I have no scientific literature to back up the use of that terminology. I am publishing a paper and will account for it in Log P12-A. Because of this, he will be seen as an incredible obstacle in combat against an unknowing force user: a force power to one portion of the body will have an entirely different impact than to another, assuming they are knowledgeable enough to bypass the Ooglith in the first place. I would have enjoyed testing this out...

On top of this force phenomenon, the Ooglith is capable of healing not only the wearer, but also itself, to an extreme level. During DNA sampling, we biopsied a portion of the subjects liver and transplanted healing properties from said organ into the Ooglith. So long as the armor remains 25% intact, it can recoil back into the Bonack’gul and repair itself fully – and will do so as a failsafe. Flamethrowers were used as a control mechanism to gauge this response and determine an exact damage percentage. Of course, this healing capacity pulls resources from the host - which will be shown an increased metabolism and need for nourishment. Of course, it takes time, but we didn't have the opportunity to quantify this in any form of statistical certainty.:
:Scraping sounds against wooden desk, a snifter:
:Overall, I am pleased with the outcome of this research. We will move forward with the Adriel Ooglith, perfecting the process and attempting to retcon the processes that allowed for it's developments. We understand so very little of the Shaping process and this enduring experiment gave a view screen into such things, though it was merely a scratch upon the planet sized tradition.:
/Closed captions and transcripts provided by unpaid intern
//End Transmission