/Date: Redacted
/Location: Selvaris
/Name: Dr. Alset Neist
//Log: 113-A
//Transmission Begin
: This will be the first of two logs, re-purposing of the Mandalorian by the name of Ijaat [Redacted]. First and foremost, the patient has been on Selvaris for a small duration, receiving traditional treatments for injuries suffered on Adumar. For a full list of injuries, please consult with Log 112-A. Nevertheless, said priory prescribed injuries are a result of a ‘training accident’ between him and a particular Sith Lord, [Redacted].:
:Screams heard in the background:
:Patient’s pain responses seem active and conditioned to physical stimuli as well as nonexistent or imperceptible injuries, likely physical and mental in nature. The process for this first began with a shaping procedure through practiced hands of the Master Shapers of the Shaper caste of the Legion Yun’Do. I was given a chance to observe this spectacle and I must say first hand that it was both exhilarating and disgusting, simultaneously. The Yuuzhan Vong are vile beasts but the boss prefers their company and he pays the bills. The body willing…the mind replete.
The process began with a DNA sample taken from the subject. The shapers concluded that saliva, blood, marrow, organ samples, and spinal fluid samples were required, though I’m not sure why. The Shaper insisted on this redundancy for the purpose of creating what they call a “Cloaker,” or “Masquer.” The two species are similarly composed and share similar purposes, yet are distinct, at least that’s what I’ve been told. Similar to armorweave, this specific cloaker is created to mold around the form of the user, Ijaat [Redacted]. And from the screams of partially donning the cloaker, I can only assume that it was extremely painful and somewhat debilitating. Hence force, the cloaker has been named the Adriel Ooglith. Evidently an allusion to some out dated religion…I digress.:
: Screams heard in the background:
: Now, Cloakers come equipped with rows of cilia which act as anchors between the host and the Yuuzhan Vong species. Of course, this opportunity for donning is extremely painful and quite fascinating. Variations of the Cloaker allow for different mechanisms of defense, particularly communication between host and Cloaker to cause a physiological response from the Soglith itself. A classic example of this is the Cloak of Nuun, which can conceal the wearer in a sheen of photosensitive cilia. It seems that is the limit of my capabilities to understand this phenomenon but it will only remain so for so long. Science concurs all, even such bamboozling prospects.
The original purpose behind this refitting came from an absurd request by the Warmaster. “Make this individual stronger,” the one eye man commanded. I am truly vexed by such notions but once again, the man pays the bills. So, the Shapers began with the process of creating what I can only describe as a monster. The good kind, of course, but a monster nonetheless.
The cilia from the Adriel Ooglith allows for a particular communication, a persistence between biological and mechanical systems. Simply put, the cilia translates biological and neural synapses into binary and mechanical communication, allowing direct control between Ooglith and mechanized vehicles, including suits of armor. How does it do this, you ask? Many nights I have spent, many bottles of scotch, racking my brain on such notions and then it hit me. Beyond the construction of the brain, carbon compared to gold or ferrous, the brain is truly a wonderfully capable mechanical computing system. It stands to reason that such communication could occur with a simplistic derivation of the signals. It’s merely conversion with no net loss, personified by an emitted electrical signal. We see the same things occur between humanoids and cybernetic units, wires transitioning to arteries and neural pathways. And even further forward, it's said that some force users can control mechanized units with the force.
But with how traditional the Legion is, I too wondered how they could stoop to such a marriage of technology to biotechnology. The response was similar to the production of the Chom-Huun, it’s a subversion of technology with the superiority of the biological mind. In that way, through control, the Legion has once again shown all of us just how capable the biological unit can be when put to the proper purpose.
However, this was merely the beginning for the Ooglith as the intent was never to create a standalone armor. Now, I’ve been told that this is NOT escalation. So I won’t refer to is that but what I saw something quite amazing. Bone replacement with biots, perceptibly similar to but coated in chitin. These ‘bones’, were hollowed out and coated to share a similar strength to typical bones but lacked even a fraction of the density. This empty space, now hidden through canals in bones in Ijaat [Redacted]’s body were then filled with this Adriel Ooglith. In essence, the bones are capable of storing the Ooglith within their compartments until an electrical synapse is sent by a neural path, practiced and developed. Once that occurs, the bone shifts and breaks the skin (chest, forearms, legs, pelvic bone, inner thigh, and back), releasing the Ooglith which hibernates within the body in liquid form until released. Once exposed to a drastic change in pressure, it clings and forms around the body in standard Cloaker form, solidifying in the form of a body suit. The bone replacement biots then divert the canals and expend energy from the body, increasing the metabolism in the same way that an immune system response produces white blood cells, to repair the formed canals and broken skin, flesh, and muscle.
Since the patient was incapable of controlling this mechanism in his current state, we elicited the response with shocks and stabs to the body. It seems the projection of the armor is likely seen as a defense mechanism for the Ooglith, a form of self-preservation. Either way, the process occurs rapidly and creates a coat or body suit of yellowish gold, capable of withstanding minor forms of damage and helping to heal wounds suffered to the suit. Of course, the suit is self-healing and pulls nutrients from the host in order to do so. However, there is no faculty for pain prevention and damage to the armor seems to create a sense of pain in the user, if not amplified. We haven’t tested that yet but we will as we move forward. Next, we will describe the enhancements to the body, the direct communication to suits and AI, and other amenities. Look for Log 113-B in the near future.:
:Screams heard in the background, Mando’a expletive included.:
:Oh, and I have a particular sherry aged Scotch and will account such qualities in Log 114-A. It's 18 years aged, I'm quite looking forward to it.:
/Closed captions and transcripts provided by unpaid intern
//End Transmission