The Confederacy of Independent Systems policy of Confederacy First has raised eyes across the galaxy. Many governments and nations have been thrown into a frenzy, the worry about what this could mean for their futures a palpable concern. It is a concern that is always close to all of our minds. For most, it isn’t the volatility of the stock market, or prevailing galactic trade patterns that concern them but instead a concern about whether the next mortgage payment will be made on time, and how the school fees will be paid.

It is to that end that I wanted to reach out, to inform you all, our employees, shareholders and interested parties of Locke and Key’s reaction to the Confederacy’s new policy.

Locke and Key Mechanics has always had a strong dominance in two primary markets, that is the worlds of the Order of Silver Jedi and the Confederacy of Independent and that hasn’t changed. From our headquarters on Naboo the executives of Locke and Key Mechanics have been planning an expansion of the company’s base.

While the core seems like the natural next step for the companies expansion, a prize there for the taking, it is also a crowded field. While we aim to press tendrils into the core the majority of our expansion should be focused elsewhere, playing to our strengths. That is to say a program of shoring up and expanding our current markets. The exodus of some companies from the Southern Systems gives us a chance to leverage our position to further secure our current markets. However, no company can standstill, and so we will be looking to expand our presence into the Outer Rim and Unknown regions of the galaxy.

So, what does this mean for you?

For our employees, this means more opportunities for advancement. As the company expands through the southern systems and beyond we will need more experience and trained personnel to head up new office and facilities as they come online.

The future is full of opportunity, if you have the key to unlocke it.

I’ll see myself out.

My office is always open to those who have questions or concerns.