It was Life Day. Life Day proper. Voph never did bother to mark the day on his calendar. He was always busy. Sure, he remembered it well enough when Cortrin was a child. They so loved their life day presents, children... Voph smiled at the thought. It was always a big celebration. And one he vaguely remembered enjoying celebrating himself back in the day. Back when he was young. Gods above that felt like eons ago.
He walked quietly with his hands clasped behind him. His dress was simple. Black tunic, black pants, black boots. He didn't intend to meet anyone, or at least anyone he cared to impress. He turned to look out the windows beside him as he walked. It was night on the moon below. About two in the morning, if he had to guess. He didn't care what time it was. In the morning, there would be no meetings. No call to arms. Just joy. Happiness. Children opening presents. Well...that was a lie. He did care what time it was.
He paused as the doors in front of him hissed, and cracked open. In the distance, he could hear the sounds of workmen preparing to go home. Voph turned once more, arriving at his destination. The door slid open to reveal a sight that almost brought a tear to Voph's eye. Home. He paused for a moment, almost as if he expected it to be yanked away. Or to wake from this dream. He took one cautious step, and then another.
The bridge of the Arbitration was nearing completion. Voph paused near the commander's chair, and ran a hand along the back of it. Soon, he stepped around, and sat down in it, leaning back, almost slouching in it. His head turned, an odd twitchy motion that many who knew him well associated with him looking about the room. He couldn't help but see them. The ghosts of the men and women he'd served with. He lifted his right hand to his mouth, and took a long drink from the bottle of Corellean Ale he had brought with him. Then he felt the tear run down his cheek. He dabbed at it clumsily, and smiling softly to himself at the memories this sight brought back to him.
The first time he'd won a duel. Or the time he was even given his first lightsaber. Or better yet built one. That he then broke in a test duel against Arvalker. Arvalker. The best friend he'd ever had. Voph took another drink. He still didn't know what the Sith Pureblood had seen in him. By all rights the man shouldn't have even given Voph the time of day because of his inferior species. Whatever the reason, he was glad to have known him.
Voph leaned sideways to rest his left elbow on the armrest, and his cheek on his left fist. His thoughts wandered to Cortrin. What he might have done. Who he might have become. Voph was sad that he'd never gotten the chance to see his son as the man he could have become. The fearsome ally he could have become. Instead left lost and confused, with nothing but a mother that didn't love him. Voph wished he could have said more...but...he had said enough. I'm proud of you. The last words he'd ever spoken before Cortrin killed him.
Voph took another drink. Life Day. He now remembered why he didn't like it. Never did. It was a day to celebrate life. To celebrate what made it worth living. To be spent with friends. Family. Children. Parents. Voph took another drink. Life Day. An oddly emotional time for him this year. Having been given a new one and all. Voph's resolve had always been his strongest trait, that much he knew full well about himself. And he knew damn well that this was his chance. He was going to make up for the failings of his past life.
Voph's chronometer chimed. 2:47 AM local time. Voph sighed, letting his head fall back against the back of the chair. He didn't care about the time. Just...this time. Two Forty-Seven AM. It served as a marker. A reminder. 84 years ago. was certainly more than that, but...who was counting? He smiled at the notion. Eighty Four. He took one final drink from the bottle, draining the contents this time. "Happy Birthday, Voph..."