Voph had to stoop down as he entered the small abode. The vote had come in, and Tiajoa Starian had been named the new Viceroy of Vylmira. As such, Vuul was stepping down, and preparing to leave Vylmira to join the other survivors. "I don't suppose I could convince you to stay, Vuul? Your insight would be invaluable to the people in these uncertain times." The room that Voph stood in was a simple one. Vuul never had been fond of elegance. So long as there was a bed upon which he could sleep, he would be content. "I'm afraid not. Vylmira is no longer our home, nor do I have any desire to stay here." Voph folded his arms across his chest as he watched Vuul pack the precious few items of clothing he possessed. He was sad to see the man leave, but wasn't about to let him go without a fight. Still, Voph could not help but sense some form of...distress from the man. A deep uneasiness. "You seem troubled, brother. Is it a matter I may assist with?"

Vuul shook his head. "No." Voph watched quietly as Vuul continued to pack his things, eyebrow lofted. Finally, Vuul sighed. "Yes. Yes it is a matter you may assist with." Voph shrugged. "What troubles you, brother?" Vuul did not move for a moment, then finally turned. "When are you going to stop lying to yourself?" Voph's brow furrowed. "What do you me--" "Do you really think your uncle senile such that he would not recognize you?" Voph paused. He had kept his identity hidden all this time. And to his knowledge, it had worked. But apparently Vuul knew. "Uncle, I--" Vuul silenced him with a finger.

"You left, upon the eve of the Imprisonment. You left us to fight that battle alone. And I never questioned your reasons, nor would I ever. But then you came back. Pretending you were someone else. SomeTHING else. So when are you going to stop lying to yourself?" Voph fell silent, turning his head to avert his gaze from his uncle. "Your nephew is dead, Vuul." Vuul frowned. The disappointment radiating from him was that of a parent, displeased and ashamed of a child. "Then why have I seen nothing but his hands upon the works of all Vylmira since our rescue?" Voph did not respond, instead waiting quietly. "The Sith may have welcomed you as their own, but you are not one of them. You are still my nephew. My sister would never have given up on you."

Voph turned back to look at Vuul as he invoked the name of his mother. "So your desire to leave--" "Stems from you, yes. When will you stop lying to yourself, Kyyrk? When will you accept that deep down, you never changed?" Voph's head bowed. And for all the world, he felt as though a child being admonished by his parent. "I promised my sister that I would look after you. But now I see that is not necessary. You're perfectly capable of looking after yourself. So why don't you?" Voph didn't respond immediately. Instead, the anger and grief of losing his planet for a second time began to bubble forth. "We are Vylmirans, Kyyrk. Fighting is in our nature. We fight for what we have. That is why our people rallied to your cause. Our people are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to seek out peace and justice. That spirit has never left you. But why you continue to think that it has, I'll never understand."

Vuul turned, and closed his suitcase. "Until you have accepted who and what you are, I have no further business on Vylmira. That is our decision, and we stand by it. We will work with you and assist you where we may, for the betterment of our species, but we will not call Vylmira home until you have come to your senses." Vuul turned back, and walked past Voph towards the door, but paused in the archway. "Take care of my home, Nephew." Vuul turned to look at the stone archway, running a hand along it. "She has been good to us all these years." Voph did not look up from the spot on the floor he'd been staring at. "I will, Uncle. I will do what I can to avenge our people." Vuul nodded once. "I would expect nothing less of you. Nor does the council. Go with the Maker, Kyyrk. And may you be the Wrath of Vylmira incarnate. When you have decided to return to us, we shall return to our home. Until then...may the Force be with you."