Voph stood silent on the observation deck of the Resolve. Tanaab had been costly. Limping back to allied space, the Resolve put in to port at the Locke and Key shipyards over Fenris long enough to install a new hyper-drive, then begin the journey home. Voph's injuries were on the mend, but the damage was extensive, to say the least. His armor still sundered from the explosion that had killed so many, Voph looked as though he had seen better days. Around him lay the caskets that symbolized the men who had given their lives to drive the Mandalorians from Tanaab. They were empty, of course. There had been no bodies to recover. Somehow that angered Voph more than the knowledge that his friend was dead.
Captain Aklin had come a long way since their first meeting on Commenor all those years ago. A mere soldier that Voph had taken a liking to, and who'd proven an immense help in the chaotic days after the kidnapping of Kay. But after Voph surrendered his seat, Aklin had chosen to stay. Voph rested an armored gauntlet on the casket, covered in Vylmira's flag. He was to receive the full honors of a councilor when they returned home. And were it not for the family's wishes, Voph would have buried him in the Refuge.
Voph sighed quietly. The Resolve had seen better days. But that was to be expected with a plan such as his. Who better to give their life for the Confederacy? Who better to sacrifice all that he had to ensure peace and prosperity for the free worlds? Who better to drive the threat of the Mandalorians from the galaxy once and for all? He smiled to himself, thinking back on his previous exploits. Bothawui. Denova. Commenor. Zakuul. Coruscant.
Every single one had been a fight to the last man.
Every single one, Voph would have fought again in a heartbeat.
Tanaab had been a pivotal moment. Not for the Confederacy, no. The war was far from over. It had been pivotal for him. The thrill of facing the old enemy had awakened something within him. Knowing that soon a clash was inevitable. Voph fingered the Holocron nestled in his right hand. The one constant he had in this galaxy. A boon, as much as it was a prison. It had begun to share things with him. Haunting things. Things that sparked memories, shattered and buried deep within Voph's subconscious.
Voph turned, and walked from the observation deck. He strode silently, cape flowing behind him as he walked towards his quarters. The Force stirred around him. And for once, Voph knew what he was meant to do. The Jedi had said he was irredeemable. But after Tanaab...He didn't care. There were wars to win. And it was only after the Jedi had been attacked that they found the Mandalorians to be a credible threat.
Just like before.
Voph was interested in the peace of the galaxy. To put an end to War. So that beings like him might lose their purpose. It was time. For years now, his title had lain dormant. Cast aside. Forgotten. Voph had wanted to forget that part of himself. But he knew that it was time to accept who he was. What he was. As Voph stepped into his quarters, he turned to face the Holotransmitter and said, "Darcy. Contact the Viceroyalty Assembly." "Gotcha Boss. Going live in Three...Two..."
Voph folded his hands behind his back, allowing his imposing figure to fill the Holo. Wartorn armor and fresh scars clearly on display for all to see. "People of the Confederacy. Friends. Family. In this hour, we stand in the ashes of Tanaab. War is once again upon us. And again, the time to mourn our lost. May their sacrifices not be in vain. To defend our homes from those that would seek to sow the seeds of Chaos throughout the galaxy."
Voph paused, his face still set with the steel and determination of a hardened admiral addressing his people. "In this hour, I have seen fit to share the truth with you. War is the time for unity. Strength. Not of secrets. Though I am as devoted to the cause as I have always been, my identity has not been truthful. Not entirely. Voph is but a title. A title I had all but forsaken, in my quest to discover the will of the Force. My true name lies forgotten. Buried with the history that has since consumed my old life.
Under the guidance of the Octarchy, a force that now serves Vylmira, and by extension, the Confederacy, I was given new purpose. New life. I now stand as the lone surviving member of that covenant. Their leader. Their guide. And it was by their hand that I was granted the strength to do what needed to be done. And though our nation may have abandoned us, the Octarchy was accepted and welcomed by the Confederacy, and this is a kindness that shall not be forgotten. Upon a time, I was called Verros. A lost, wayward soul. But given new purpose among the Sith, I was reborn Darth Voph. And now, I put my ability, my knowledge, and my service, in your hands. The Confederacy will prevail in these times of War. I will see it through. Or I will die trying. For the Confederacy. For the Free Worlds. For Eshan."