So I recently dabbled a little in the Factory, and I made an altered ship based on the very common CR90 corvette. You know the one. The big one with the nose. The first ship you see in SWIV.

Nope, wait. Here:

(my highscore's 20)

So, I make an edited version. I include the thread I got it in, like a good boy - and then they demand a dev thread! Rrrrrr....

And after all my hard work, too. *covers up wookieepedia link*

Ah, well. At least I'll be able to submit it once I finish a thread with Popo...

Flappy Josh.

Or here: Flappy Jak. Otherwise known as my life right now.... :

That was fun. Thanks, Josh, ol buddy ol pal.

Ah, well. Maybe someone will make a flappy RPJ. Without me.