Ba'jurne Kyr'tsad Mando'ad; Revised Edition - The Death Watch Primer.
-> Chapter One: KNOW YOUR ENEMY - Jedi and Sith.


The goal of the Death Watch is to instruct our newest initiates on how to combat our greatest enemies, especially as we collectively walk the Way of the Mandalore and down the Path of the Warrior. Through the acquisition of knowledge, not only does the Fighting Corps become stronger, but our chances of survival and victory thereafter - rely less on the capricious tides of fortune.​

For millennia, Force adherents have risen as opposition to the varied peoples of Mandalore throughout History. The ancient Jedi Warriors had demolished Mandalore the Ultimate’s burgeoning Empire and broke the Clans at Ani’la Akaan. Even their sorcerous descendants oversaw the Annihilation or Dral’Han, which sought to excise our peoples like some cancerous growth. While far from the violent approaches taken in the past, the Jedi of the modern era have sought to subvert our culture through unwelcomed charity and pleasant smiles. They’ve sought to make us friends but seek to stab us in the back when our supposed friendship has run its course.​

The Sith are little different from their supposed enlightened cousins, nor are they better in any respect. Through generations of bloodshed and beguilement, the Mando’ade have suffered terribly in every interaction made with the Sith - regardless of their allegiance. It is in their nature to warp the minds of those considered their lessers and use them as pawns in their games of garnering power. Those in charge of Empire’s are just as dangerous as those that dwell within the shadows. Thus it’s best to take great caution before hunting these vile sorcerers. We’ve fallen prey to their machinations before, and it’s high time that we make a stand.​

The first rule of engaging a Jedi or Sith is never to underestimate their powers. Most Force adherents are consummate warriors with heightened senses and reflexes. Through their magicks, be it dark or light - in their parlance - they are capable of bending reality to their capricious whims. They will bend like reeds in the wind, even when it seems like you have them dead to rights. The Force is their ally, and through that bond - it makes them akin to Gods. Yet, as has been proven repeatedly, even Gods can bleed or even die when the patient and knowledgeable hunter strikes.​

To further add to their prowess, these Jedi and Sith bear plasmatic blades into battle, called Lightsabres, which aids them in the realms of offence and defence. Their weapons are forged of superheated plasma that’s magnetically contained within a projected energy field. These Lightsabres are capable of cutting through almost everything and reflecting blaster bolts at their would-be attackers. While there’s been a shift away from using traditional blasters, thanks in part to the normalization of particle beam weaponry, it’s still advised to engage a Lightsabre-wielding Force adherent from a distance.​

Their powers’ potency is diminished from a distance and will less likely result in an early demise. In addition to the waylaid termination, the ranged engagement would give the Mandalorian a better chance at dodging any thrown projectiles or reflected blaster bolts - if particle weapons are unavailable. The chances of being struck by one’s own blasterfire are lessened considerably if the trigger isn’t pulled unnecessarily. Should the distance between the target and one’s weapons be too close for comfort, a better tactic would be to a flamethrower - or another weapon of its sort.​

It’s been noted that most enemy Sorcerers have difficulty with attacks that cover a wide area and aren’t always successful in turning the gout of ignited propellant on their attacker. We believe it has something to do with their concentration and a surprise flamethrower to the face gives them a fraction of a second to react. Naturally, this tactic is circumstantial and may not always work, but it’s something that might save one’s life during a close encounter with a Lightsabre-wielding Force adherent.​

Another useful tactic is to utilize an energized grappling line, as the magnetically contained fields counteract the lethality of a plasmatic blade. While harmless to the Jedi, should they be clothed, this grappling line was a suitable method to subdue Force adherents - or garner an advantage in combat that could lead towards the killing blow. But, while the line wasn’t capable of being cut by a Lightsabre, it could still be blocked by that adherent’s weapon - especially if they’re wielding two of them. So, the energized grappling line is best employed when working with additional forces in play - be they Mandalorians or otherwise.​

As one Warrior subdues the target, another can land the killing blow swiftly and effectively by double-tapping their vulnerable areas. Jedi and Sith are dangerous opponents - but not even their sorcerous powers or skill with a lightsabre will see them safely through concentrated firepower, overlapping fields of projected flames, and multiple grapple lines.​

However, what is most important to remember is that Jedi and Sith powers are not limited to the battlefield. They can warp reality with their minds and use their abilities to manipulate the unwary. It is noted that they are even capable of erasing memories and even implanting suggestions that would lead to others’ demise. These Force adherents can never be trusted. However, the strong-minded can resist their powers, but this takes training and dedication to ensure its effectiveness. Before engaging these enemy Sorcerers, it is best to clear your mind of all hostility and allow one’s body to act on instinct.​

Do not give them the chance to capitalize on your unguarded and errant thoughts, as that will pave the way to Victory.​

While it is best to stick with what one knows and what suits their fighting style, it’s often advised to utilize the Jatne Ghet’bur, or Upper Gorget when engaging Lightsabre-wielding opponents. This piece of armour will safeguard a Mandalorian’s life, as it would become nigh-impossible for the Warrior to be decapitated during the battle. However, the trade-off for this added protection comes with a restriction in mobility. A drawback that some consider detrimental to their wellbeing during their deployment. Naturally, the choice is in the individual’s hands as there are advantages and disadvantages to either option.​

This entry will be amended with more tactics and strategies as they are devised. The Jedi and Sith are not our friends, nor ever will be. They are enemies of the Mandalorian people and should thusly be treated as such. Be vigilant in any dealings with their Sorcerous kind, and guard oneself against their powers of persuasion - for they will gladly poison one’s thoughts without hesitation.​

Trust in our training; Trust in our gear; most of all - Trust in the Warrior beside you. For we are the Death Watch, and together - through our Crusade - the scales shall be balanced.​

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