[ Image Source: Lazare's Twitter. ]

[ Mando'a Rune Translation: Galactic Basic. ]

Our people suffered for the misdeeds of the few
We were once conquerors who challenged the Jedi
Now, we are naught but vagrants amongst the stars
We lost our purpose, the fire that gave us meaning
Many amongst our number even lost hope
Yet, it is always darkest before the dawn
A new era has begun
The Death Watch has returned
Vengeance shall be ours

Adorn your armour with the crusader’s thorned halo
Proudly wear the horned skull of our ancestors
Stand beside us beneath the jai’galaar
Join us, as we avenge the fallen
Mandalore shall be cleansed so that it can begin anew
None shall stand in our way
Victory and Immortality are ours for the taking


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