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Name: Amnyira
Region: Tingel Arm
System: Amnyita System
Suns: Amnyita
Orbital Position: Habital zone, fourth planet.
Moons: Amnyita has two large moons; known as Stormbringer and Icemover to the locals. Icemover is the larger of the two moons, with a diameter of around four thousand kilometers. The moon is aptly name, as it's orbit goes over and under the planet rather then around it like most moons. Twice every lunar cycle the large moon's orbit brings it over Amniyta's poles, the gravitational pull of the moon disrupting and sometimes breaking massive ice sheets and sending away icebergs. For this, the moon was named 'Icemover'.
Amniyta's second moon is Stormbringer. Stormbringer has an odd orbit around Amniyta where it is fairly far from the planet for the majority of it's orbit. However, the elliptical orbital cycle of the moon means that twice during it's long lunar cycle, which takes roughly fourty-nine standard days or roughly ninety local days, the moon drifts very closely to the planet's surface. For as long as Stormbringer is relatively close to the planet, about ten local days, the moon's gravity causes massive tidal waves and unpredictable currents in the ocean planet's seas. This gives the moon it's name; Stormbringer.
System Features:
Name: Ridja

Orbital Position: First planet
Moons: No moons
Rotational Period: Three standard days
Orbital Period: Twenty standard days
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: Roughly 9,000 kilometers.
Atmosphere: Type IV, the thin atmosphere is mostly toxic gasses.
Climate: Molten magma and toxic gasses.
Gravity: 0.7 Standard.
Primary Terrain: Oceans of lava.
Description: Ridja is a lava-covered planet with a rocky core, orbiting closely to Amniyta's sun. Probe droids have discovered no valuable materials or ores on the planet, and it is far too hot to sustain life, so it has mostly been left alone.

Name: Lendl

Orbital Position: Second Planet.
Moons: No moons.
Rotational Period: Thirty-four standard hours.
Orbital Period: Roughly two hundred standard days.
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: Roughly six thousand kilometers.
Atmosphere: Type IV, the atmosphere is severely toxic and extremely thin.
Climate: Molten magma and toxic gasses.
Gravity: 0.5 Standard.
Primary Terrain: More oceans of lava.
Description: Much like it's neighbor, Ridja, Lendl is mostly covered in lava. However it's much thinner atmosphere means that the occasional violent volcanic eruption send blasts of magma very high, often seen from space.
Name: Kirkas

Orbital Position: Third planet
Moons: No moons.
Rotational Period: Twenty standard hours.
Orbital Period: Four hundred standard days.
Class: Terrestrial.
Diameter: 6.8 thousand kilometers.
Atmosphere: Type III, atmosphere contains very little oxygen.
Climate: Hot and barren.
Gravity: 0.8 Standard.
Primary Terrain: Rocky wastelands, barren mountains and canyons.
Description: Kirkas is a very hot planet, on the edge of the habitable zone in the Amniyra system. Originally the first explorers of the system passed over the planet, seeing that it supported no life. However, probe droids soon found vast deposits of Lommite, a useful ore used in the creation of durasteel and other products throughout the galaxy. Teams of miners soon began to set up temporary colonies and mining depots on the planet. The atmosphere contained too little oxygen and the planet was too hot for permenant residence, but miners living on Amniyra made their living harvesting Lommite ore from the planet. It wasn't until a few decades later, though, that the miners found something even more valuable beneath Kirkas' crust: phrikite orr. Phrik was immensely valuable and even more miners were sent to harvest the planet. For several years, Kirkas supplied the old Sith Empire that used to control the Amniyra system with large amounts of the precious metal. However, the phrikite deposits of the planet weren't nearly as substantial as the miners originally thought, and after over a decade of thousands of workers and thousands of droids harvesting the metal, the mines dried out. Further scouting was done to search for more deposits of phrik throughout the planet, but only tiny traces have been found. In modern day, Kirkas is still heavily mined for Lommite.
Material: Phrik
Amount: Small: Allows for production of unique and semi-unique items only. Only very small deposits of Phrik are left on Kirkas.

Name: The Protector

Orbital Position: Fifth planet.
Moons: Seventy-two of various sizes. None contain large amounts of valuable ores or support life.
Rotational Period: Nine standard hours.
Orbital Period: 406 standard days.
Class: Gas giant
Diameter: Roughly two hundred thousand kilometers.
Atmosphere: Type IV, filled with toxic gasses.
Gravity: Roughly 200 times standard.
Primary Terrain: Gas giant.
Description: The Protector is a massive gas giant that orbits surprisingly close to Amnyita. The Gas Giant's powerful orbit actually greatly affects Amnyira, essentially pulling the smaller planet along with it as they both orbit the sun. Amnyira obviously dosen't actually orbit The Protector, but this means that the two planets' orbital periods are very simialer. The Protector also can often be seen in the night sky of Amnyira if the sky is clear and conditions are right. The Protector earned it's name for the fact that it and it's many moons often pull in asteroids, meteors, and other dangers from the nearby Asosra asteroid belt, preventing them from reaching and damaging the planet Amnyira. In fact, on a few occasions in history large enough asteroids have made their way towards Amnyira that they were visible coming in the night sky. The Miri of Amniyra tell stories of the times when great rocks from the sky threatened to destroy Amnyira and the Protector reached out and pulled the rock from the sky, consuming it. This made the Miri think of the huge planet as a god, and a protector of Amnyira. They believe that The Protector is a living entity that follows Amnyira, protecting it from harm.

Name: The Asosra Asteroid Belt

Orbital Position: Sits between the fifth and sixth planets.
Moons: It is made up of massive asteroids, some the size of moons.
Class: Made up of hundreds of thousands of terrestrial asteroids.
Diameter: The size of the asteroids differ, the largest ones can be around two thousand kilometers in diameter.
Description: The Asosra Asteroid Belt is a huge field of asteroids that orbit Amnyira's sun, forming a barrier between the fifth and sixth planets. Probe droids have discovered trace amounts of Lommite throughout the asteroids, but none of them have enough ores to warrant mining operations. Due to this, the Asosra Asteroid Belt has been mostly untouched.

Name: The Destroyer

Orbital Position: Sixth Planet
Moons: The planet has no true moons, but a huge system of space dust and asteroids make up massive rings around the planet.
Rotational Period: Ten standard hours.
Orbital Period: Roughly 215 standard years.
Class: Gas giant
Diameter: Roughly 123 thousand kilometers.
Atmosphere: Type IV, filled with toxic gasses.
Primary Terrain: Gas Giant.
Description: The Destroyer is a huge gas giant that orbits on the edge of the Amnyira system. It's long oval-shaped orbit means that it rarely comes anywhere near the other features of the solar system. It slowly orbits Amnyira's star gathering small asteroids and space dust to make up the huge sets of rings that orbit the planet at all times. However, it's oddly shaped orbit means that occasionally it orbits closer to the rest of the system's planets, even breaking through the Asosra Asteroid Belt. However the time this planet is that close to Amnyita's star is shortlived, as it's orbit speeds as it gets closer to the sun and it again passes through the Asosra asteroid belt to go back to the edge of the solar system. However, very rarely The Destroyer's strange orbit goes dangerously near to the orbits of Amnyira and The Protector. Though this has only happened a few times in documented history, the results can be devestating for life on Amnyira. The Miri tell stories of the last time when The Destroyer got near. The gas giant trails huge amounts of asteroids and particles at all times, however as it is typcailly far away from the gravitational pulls of any other celestial bodies, those normally stick close to The Destroyer, forming it's massive rings. Though when the planet drifts near other's orbits, much of the rings tend to break away, attracted to other gravitational bodies. When this last happened near Amnyita, huge asteroids broke off of The Destroyer's rings, attracted to the stronger orbit of The Protector. And while the larger planet typically protects Amnyira from asteroids and other harms, hence it's appropriate name, when The Destroyer's orbit drifts close much of the debris deflects off the larger gas giant's moons, and ends up attracted to Amnyira's gravity instead. This gives The Destroyer it's name in Miri legend. Stories say that the last time The Destroyer came near, huge meteors and asteroids hurtled to Amnyira, causing massive destruction. Though the ocean took much of the impact, huge undersea earthquakes and aquatic volcanic eruptions rocked the planet. When this last occured, much of the surviving human population of Amnyira fled the planet, leaving it with it's much smaller modern population.

Coordinates: <The X,Y coordiates of the planet and its relative position in them according to the Galaxy Map>
Rotational Period: Roughtly thirty-two standard hours.
Orbital Period: 406 standard days.
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: Roughly 11.4 thousand kilometers.
Atmosphere: Type I
Climate: Temperate; tropical at the equator, frigid at the poles.
Gravity: 0.89 times standard.
Primary Terrain: The vast majority of Amnyira's surface is covered in massive oceans. The only breaks in the expensive ocean's surface is the occasional rocky island created by undersea volcanoes, or the huge shelves of ice at the poles.
Native Species: <Species that have always lived there>
Immigrated Species: Humans
Primary Languages: Galactic Standard Basic, Miri Language
Government: Amnyira's two primary races have two greatly different forms of goverment. The Miri primarily rely on tribes and clans with elders or chiefs ruling over each individual group. Meanwhile, the humans of Amnyira form two independant city-states, both of which surviving mostly by export and import.
Population: Amnyira has a population of around 22,701,000. Miri still heavily dominate their home planet however, as humans only make up about 0.4 percent of the world's population. As of 836 ABY there was an estimated 101,000 humans on Amnyira.
Demonym: Amnyiran
Major Imports: Technology, Medical supplies, Foodstuff, Mining supplies.
Major Exports: Lommite, Tibanna gas, occasionally seafood. (Note: One of the other planets in the Amnyira system, Kirkas, still has tiny amounts of phrik, as mentioned above, though this is not really exported.)

Affiliation: None
Major Locations:
Iroda is the largest human colony of the planet, devoted mainly to mining on Kirkas. Originally it shared the rites of many of the best mining places on Kirkas with Ebben, but after Ebben's destruction Kirkas has a near-monopoly on Lommite mining. Iroda is a decently sized city that takes up most of it's small island near the equator of Amnyira. It's reefs also have a small poplation of Miri, though mnot many Miri tribes live near Iroda.
Ziri is the other human colony on Amnyira. Before the second arrival of The Destroyer, all three city-states on Amnyira hunted the oceans for Tibanna spills. However, after the destruction of Ebben, Ziri began a fierce competition with the larger city-state of Iroda to try and monopolize the planet's tibanna collection much like Iroda monopolized lommite mining. Eventually, after purchasing most of Iroda's vessels used to find and contain tibanna, Ziri gathers and processes the majority of the planet's tibanna spills. Ziri is a rocky island surrounded with rocky reefs and protrusions, which support a rather large number of Miri tribes. Ziri even has a working relation with some of the Miri tribes. While the humans are harvesting a tibanna spill, they'll send the Miri to chase away any creatures near the spill, so they don't end up catching something they don't want with the tibanna.
The Ebben Shallows
The Ebben Shallows are essentially all that is left of the city-state of Ebben. After the second coming of The Destroyer, Ebben was sseized by earthquakes and dropped dozen several meters below sea level. Now, one of the largest tribes of Miri in existence occupy the shallows and rocky outcroppings there.
The Dead Waters
The Great Rock (huge asteroid in one of the deepest parts of the ocean, Miri believe that it was an attempt for The Destroyer to kill The First in his resting place deep below the ocean surface, but the Miri Great Spirit caught the rock instead. It is believed that the Miri Great Spirit is still under that rock, alive.)
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Culture: Originally the cultures of the immigrated humans of Amnyira and the Miri were vastly different, the natives were and are a tribal people that hunted and lived in tribes and clans, while the humans migrated to Amnyira in hundreds or thousands, building cities and colonies. However as time went on, the humans slowly began to adopt a version of the Miri's culture, eventually evolving into a very superstitious people with many traditions and beliefs, much like the Miri themselves.
The Miri live in small tribes and clans, consisting of anywhere between a few dozen and a few hundred individuals. Every aspect of a Miri's life is affected by their beliefs and legends, from the way they hunt to the places they choose to live to their art and stories. The Miri believe in dozens of gods and deities, many of which differ from tribe to tribe, some only acknowledged by certain clans or groups. Though all Miri acknowledge what most believe to be the six most powerful gods of Amnyira; The Icemover and the Stormbringer, The Protector and the Destroyer, The Stranger and The First. Early Miri believed that tIcemover and Stormbringer were two great beings that lived in the sky, changing the ocean as they saw fit. One would bring great waves and currents while the other would freeze the oceans, moving massive mountains of ice. As humans came to Amnyira and taught the Miri of space and the Galaxy, they came to realize that those two gods they witnessed high in the sky over their planet were simply Amnyira's two moons, and the legends changed to state that The Icemover and The Stormbringer were simply entities that lived on those moons. The Miri living near the poles of Amnyira feared Icemover especially, for obvious reason; they saw that he had the power to shape and change the entirety of the ice shelves that they lived around. Meanwhile, all Miri of Amnyira were terrified of Stormbringer's anger. Many Miri believe that Stormbringer would ravage the surface of Amnyira to show the Miri that they should not live above the water, that they should stay in the deeper parts of the seas. This encouraged many tribes of Miri to stay away from Amnyira's few land masses as not to invoke the sky deities' anger. However other Miri realized that Stormbringer would bring great waves and hurricaines whether they lived in the deep waters or not, so they believed that Stormbringer was not trying to warn the Miri to stay underwater. Rather, he was testing the Miri, seeing if they were strong enough to brave the storms. The ones that were not would be killed by the waves and weeded out. The humans of Amnyira rarely believe that the moons have actual living deities, but they still fear the insane weather of the planet just the same.
Amnyira is constantly accomponied with a much larger planet that drags the ocean world along in it's orbit, the huge gas giant that the natives call The Protector. Even those that are fully aware of modern science and how planets in the galaxy function rarely can fully explain gas giants, as it's essentially impossible to travel to their core without being instantly killed by the immense gravity. The Miri believe that in the center of the huge amounts of gas that the humans say make up the fifth planet in the system lives a deity known as The Protector. As long as the Miri have passed on their legends and spoke of their history, there has been The Protector visible in the night sky. A massive entity that had visibly protected the ocean world from asteroids and the like since the beginning. The Miri, as well as many Amnyiran humans, believe that The Protector is the powerful guardian and sentinel of Amnyira, protecting the Miri and the planet's other inhabitants from destruction. As long as the Miri stay loyal to their gods and spirits, they believe The Protector will continue to guard them from danger. However, the Miri believe that The Protector has a counterpart. Another of what the humans call a gas giant, one that exists on the edge of the system; The Destroyer. The Destroyer has only came near Amnyira a few times in the Miri's memory, each time bringing chaos and death. Stories say that The Destroyer would only be allowed to come near when the Miri's faith was questioned, when they stopped believing and respecting the gods and spirits as they should.
The Miri also believe in The First, also known as The Creator, or The Sleeping One. In Miri legend, The First created Amnyira with the help of the other most powerful gods. Supposedly, he created the oceans and the skies, as well as all of the Great Spirits, which took many many years. The stories say that once The First finished filling Amnyira with life, finally creating the Miri, he left for the deepest oceans of his new planet, for his job was done. The Miri believe that The First is still sleeping in one of the deep undersea canyons of Amnyira, never to wake unless the End of the Waters were to happen. The End of the Waters is yet another Miri legend that states that some day in the distant past, the Miri will forsake their gods and spirits and turn away from them. On that day, it is said that The Protector will finally leave Amnyira, allowing his counterpart to finish the Miri. Once The Destroyer erradicated life from Amnyira, it is said that The First will wake again to create a new race.
The Stranger is the sixth of the most powerful gods in Miri legend. The Stranger is said to have come to Amnyira soon after the first humans did, several thousand years ago. However, he was not like the humans, nor was he a Miri. The Stranger was described as being like the Miri, yet not. Supposedly, The Stranger was a powerful entity that appeared from the stars and soon made it's home on the ocean floor of Amnyira. Unlike the other gods in Miri legend, The Stranger interacted directly with the Miri. Supposedly, he was a wielder of great and powerful magic. It is said that The Stranger was the only of the gods besides The First that could create life, and he did. But the creatures that The Stranger created were without spirits, they were not natural animals like the creations of The First, but rabid monsters. The Miri say that after generations, they began to rebel against The Stranger, for unlike the other gods he did not help the Miri in any way. Supposedly, dozens of clans and tribes formed together in a great army to defeat The Stranger and drive him away from Amnyira. But The Stranger was simply too strong. His monsters trapped the Great Army so that it could not flee, and with a gesture the sea itself began to heat, like the volcanic vents on the ocean floor. Thousands of Miri were essentially boiled alive. Supposedly, a few warriors managed to escape the genocide of that great army, to warn the others of The Stranger's power. Miri legend goes on to say that after that day The Stranger finally left their world.
Another important part of Miri culture is their belief of the Great Spirits. The Miri believe that when The First populated Amnyira with life, he created the Great Spirits, powerful versions of all the animals that exist on Amnyira now. And those Great Spirits in turn made all other spirits, which in turn became the ocean life of Amnyira. In short, Miri believe that for every animal or creature in the ocean, there is the original Great Spirit that that species originated from, including for the Miri. They believe that when something dies, their spirit leaves and goes to the Great Spirit, so that they can be born again. The Miri also believe that you must not kill senselessly; if you kill without reason, the Great Spirit of whatever animal you killed will become angry, often seeking revenge in some form. It is said that the Great Spirit of the Miri guards The First while he sleeps, to ensure that nothing, not even The Destroyer or he Stranger, can harm him.
Very rarely, a Miri will be born with a sensitivity to the Force. It is said that no mortal creature had magic before the arrival of The Stranger. When The Stranger killed the Great Army of the Miri, it is said he left some of his magic behind. Any Miri who spend their time near that magic too long, they say, may take part of The Stranger's magic. According to that legend, any Miri who is in any way able to use the Force, what they refer to as The Stranger's Magic, is descended from one of the warriors who escaped the death of the Great Army. Due to this, the Miri have a very mixed view on the force. Some people believe that it is a great gift, that perhaps it can be used differently then the way The Stranger used it. The Miri that believe that have been known to use The Stranger's magic to help them hunt, to help heal their tribe-mates, and many other great feats. However, many other Miri believe that to be touched by The Stranger's magic is a curse. Certainly, if you have the ability to, you will use the power just the same as The Stranger did. Those who believe this often attempted to kill force-sensitive Miri on sight.
The humans of Amnyira live a very different lifestyle from the Miri, though they have adopted many of the native's beliefs and supersticions. They are careful not to kill without reason, wary of The Destroyer or the return of The Stranger, respectful of Icemover and Stormbringer, and believe many other things much like the Miri. Amnyira is far less pouplated by humans then it was back in it's glory days, when the phrikite deposits on Kirkas were rich, before the fall of the Sith Empire, and before the Gulag plague. Now, the humans of Amnyira mostly live in one of the three city-states of the planet, Iroda, Ziri and Ebben. Amnyiran humans do little in the way of entertainment or luxury, other then a few festivals and feasts throughout the year dedicated to the gods of Amnyira. Most Amnyirans are laborers mining on Kirkas, farmers from Ebben, or sailors who hunt for Tibanna spills.
Some important festivals and holidays are celebrated by both the Amnyiran humans and the Miri. The most important of these is The Day of The Great Spirits. This celebrates the supposed date of The First's creation of life on Amnyira and the Great Spirits. The Miri celebrate this day by preforming no hunting, no war, and in no way harming life on Amnyira. The humans celebrate this simialary, by eating only bread and water and consuming no meat. Also relevant is The Day of The Protector, which marks the period of the year where The Protector is closest to Amnyira's orbit, and is visible even in the daytime sky if it's clear. On this day, The Stormbringer also tends to be on it's farthest point in it's orbit from Amnyira, generally encouraging sunny clear days where the people of Amnyira, both Miri and Human, celebrate that they have The Protector for their guardian.


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