Aayla laid in the sandy dunes of Jakku, groaning in pain and staring at the sky with sweat dripping from pretty much every pore on her person. She laid there for a while, just letting the pain take hold, as it were.

"I almost died..." she mumbled to herself, staring at the sky and cracking a smirk... Of course there were things she had to do, but it couldn't hurt to clock some hours training with her new toy. She just had to make sure training, and death by falling didn't coincide. In any case, she didn't feel content with moving yet; her back hurt still. She took all the time she needed, not really having any reason to rush it. She had been out here since the crack of dawn, and had gotten the hang of it, but still had to work out the kinks. Even with the Force, this was a whole different breed of animal she had undertaken.

She let out a groan as she pushed herself to a sitting position, legs still outstretched in the sand. She glanced left, then right, realizing... Where the hell was it? She got to her feet, not content with near killing herself again like the first couple times. Fingers moved to press on the small wrist-mounted data-pad, pressing down the button, as she bit her lip and snapped her head about. She took no chances, and kept herself open in the Force to gauge the direction, hearing the telltale of a lightsaber cutting the air, her head snapped to it, and she grimaced, stepping forward, and spinning partly to snatch the Flying Witchblade by its shaft. It was more a saber staff than anything, a purple kyber crystal, and for whoever else won the lucky raffle, maybe that's all it was, but to her this thing was going to do her much favors in the foreseeable future.

She just needed to tame it. She had considered just sitting on it, and eventually she probably would use it in such a manner, but that didn't exactly scream Jedi expertise to her. Still coated in sand from the previous forty-some odd failed attempts, she let it go, allowing the Witchblade to hover, and would take a few steps back to observe it, folding her arms over her chest and simply staring at it. It was freaking awesome! How couldn't she be happy about it? What were the odds of her actually being selected to have such an interesting piece of history though? She wasn't sure how to feel about the Kyber crystal; preferring to find her own one day, perhaps even that would help her in finding a more personal bond with the device, beyond it just being a tool.

The torque on it was simply ridiculous... It was borderline land speeder levels of speed... Hell, it may have been fighter levels. Her eyes peered past the toy... Device? Hell, she might as well call it what it was... Weapon, and would note the long trail she made from her last fall. One more time... She had a good feel for it, she just needed to figure out how to handle those tight turns, and of course better manage starting and stopping. For sure, it was probably better to dismount this thing in motion, rather than trying to come to a standstill suddenly, she had it toned down to more of training setting at the moment, but burns still burned. Not to mention, when she had it on full go, one mistake would equate to a very embarrassing end to her story.

Alright, no sense in musing over the thing all day. She was hot, and she wanted to get at least one full ride in before calling it quits. Not to mention, she had tasks to do back home. She took a step forward, jumping up and resting her right foot on the shaft, right hand gripped it as she let her left be malleable towards the back. A mental flick given to the device, and with a tuft of sand. She was gone...

The whistle it made was addictive, and like everytime before her heart raced as the weapon whistled across the landscape. She kept it at level first, making sure she had her balance before letting it arc skyward yet again. She imagined if someone could see it, it would be quite the spectacle. Some crazy girl riding a light-stick, don't see that everyday!

Her hair rapidly fluttered in the wind as she focused ahead, doing some light curving with it, she felt herself slipping and her heart panged, using the Force to maintain her arc and keep connected to it... Immediately feeling like an idiot as she did.

"Why haven't you been doing that the whole time, Aayla?" she questioned herself, but wasn't about to beat herself up over it. The point of today was to become more comfortable with it after all. In any case, now that she had a trick to maintain some attachment to it, she realized that her knowledge of Ataru could help with using this a lot. It would still take a lot of practice to become truly at one with it, but she was going to commit; not to mention, the more she rode, the more she could almost... Feel? The Kyber Crystal... It wasn't anything like her own lightsaber, with the Kyber she handpicked from Ilum all those years ago, but it responded, or at least it was starting to respond now.

Up until now, she had been using the repulsorlift system, but ignored what was in her face. Thing thing was touched with Force, and as such she shared a bond. The technology was nothing more than a backup, most likely for any person that wasn't Force Sensitive, and insane enough to ride something like this. Looking off to her right, she realized she was pretty high up, and would just enjoy Jakku from above. It had taken a good six hours of application, and about four weeks of thought, but she felt as though now she would quickly be able to apply this in the field. A smirk crossed her face as the realization hit her.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAYLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!" she joked, leaning down and arcing the device safely back to the ground. Slowing her air speed, she front-flipped reaching out to the weapon, and recalling it hilt first, spinning partly and catching it effortlessly. Her eyes observed the purple saber, and her hand gripped it tightly. She might've really been in love...