Intent: To do something with the Skocha tank Betna randomly bought at auction a while back, also to make a highly durable tank to play with on occasion when I get tired of flying his Bes'uliik.
Development Thread: SSB Auction
Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation, Mods done by Betna
Model: Skocha-class Main Battle Tank
Affiliation: Personal
Modularity: Yes, add ons can be mounted and modules can be swapped out.
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel and other combat armored vehicle construction materials with beskar plating
Role: Assault Tank
Height: 2.5m
Length: 8m Hull Length, 10m Total Length with Barrel Forward
Width: 3.7m
Weight: 65 tonnes
Minimum Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner/Commander, 1 Loader (3 total)
Optimal Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner, 1 Loader, 1 Commander (4)
Propulsion: Repulsor lift
Top Speed: 60km/hour

1x J-1 Proton Cannon (turret mounted)
- Maximum Effective Range of 4,000m on Average
1x Hull-mounted, Forward arc Hyperion Support Automatic Weapon (.52 cal)
1x Coaxial, Turret-mounted Hyperion Support Automatic Weapon (.52 cal)
1x Cupola-mounted Hyperion Support Automatic Weapon (.52 cal)
- Maximum Effective Range of 2,000m on Average
Passenger Capacity: No passengers internally, though up to six may ride on top of the vehicle at personal risk.
Cargo Capacity: None aside from standard load out of weapons, ammo, and the crew's personal gear.
Misc. Equipment:

Standard Targeter
Standard Sensors
IFF Indicator
Standard Tracking Suite
Standard On-Board Computer System
Standard Damage Control Systems


A standard Skocha tank purchased by Betna on a random whim in an auction, the Jurkad'uliik is a custom variant made by Betna.

The tank is exactly the same layout and design as a standard Skocha, with two changes. First, and most obviously, is the beskar plating on the hull itself. The armor plating itself allows the mechanical beast to shrug off all but the heaviest of attacks and enemy fire. The armor, while extremely durable, is also extremely heavy, lowering the top speed of the tank and making it somewhat sluggish on the move.

The second adjustment of the tank was the removal of the repeating blasters and the addition of the Hyperion Support Automatic Weapons. The .52 caliber slugs easily tear through enemies and targets alike and can put up a punishing rate of fire. The weapons add a little weight with both mass and ammunition, but the mass differential is negligible.

All and all, it's a very durable and very nice tank for Betna to roll through the front lines, blowing up enemy targets.