Crimson Tide (Sith vs Republic on Manaan)
Imperial March (OP vs Atrisian Empire on Atrisia)
Eye For An Eye (LotF vs OP on Eriadu)
Writ of Extermination (Mandos vs New Order on Telos IV)
The Reckoning (Mandos vs One Sith on Teta)
The Raven Who Stole Christmas (Red Ravens vs Black Suns on Barab I)
The Magnificent Probably More Than Seven (Primeval vs Mandos on Wayland)
Z is for Ziost (Primeval vs SSC on Ziost)

Breaking the Bank (Mando dominion of Muunilinst)
Welcome to the Fold (Mando dominion of Adumar)
Mando Finesse (Mando dominion of Serenno)
I See a Blood Moon Rising (Mando dominion of Gromas)
The First Among Many (Mando dominion of Ord Canfre)
Naasad'guur Mhi, Mhi N'ulu, Mhi Mando'ade (Mandalorian Dominion of Taris)
Tracks in the Desert (Mando dominion of Elom)
Restoration II: Electric Boogaloo (TU dominion of Druckenwell)
King of the Dust Hill (Mandos vs Sith over Dromund Kaas)
Welcome to the Jungle (Mandos vs... everyone else)
We'll See You Now (Mandos vs Primeval over Muunilinst)
The Womb of Rhea (Mandos vs One Sith over Teta)
When the Cats are Away (One Sith vs Mandos on Mandalore)
When Mandalorians Attack (Mandos vs Primeval near Telos)

The First Step is a Doozy (Valen)
Act III: Insurrection (Masks of Madness)