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Journal Entry #12: Kyra Perl

Subject: Kyra Perl.
Location: The Jedi Enclave of Svivren.

This is something I wished to separate from my previous entry for ease of looking back on and not being convoluted by all else happening around me.

My Padawan...-That is, my former Padawan Kyra Perl has finally decided that the Jedi Path is not for her, or at least not at this current stage of her life. Over the last year or so there has been no small amount of distance between us, although we have always remained in contact at the very least; Unfortunately, since leaving for Sith Space and returning, there was an obvious change to the dynamic surrounding our pairing, her apprenticeship under my tutelage as well as what she claimed to be difficulties surrounding all aspects of her life, not her apprenticeship alone.

For a long time now I have felt regret for not being able to keep her mind focused on the path before her, yet she is an independent young woman and while I would rather have kept her grounded, that just isn't in her blood. A Starchaser and a Perl, she has always been a passionate and fiery personality since those troubling first days trying to convince her to let her guard down and accept that I wished to help her.

Those days, for all the difficulty she gave me, still make me smile in reflection. She knew exactly what buttons to press, perhaps in part due to her being an empath, but over time she and I were able to grow to trust one another and eventually she became someone that I looked upon as family. Perhaps the closest person I will have to a daughter of my own....-Although I never told her that, and her relationship with Coren being newly established so late in her teenage years always gave me the sense that such a sentiment wasn't mine to give.

I do not know how she feels regarding the last few times we spent together, though I hope she knows that I have always been proud of her progress and who she grew to become. From a young Padawan on the cusp of being released from the Order by the Silver Assembly to becoming my first Student by no small amount of encouragement from Master Elise, she did extraordinarily well to drive herself forward beyond her personal doubts and fears.

While I respect her decision, it is truly a shame that I could not have been there to see her rise into Knighthood. Having survived so many perilous experiences, the likes of our first involvement in the war against the Bryn'adul, of which wasn't to be the last, Kyra certainly had the potential to make a good Jedi Knight. Perhaps one day the Force will guide her back onto the Path. Perhaps the Jedi was not to be her fate but a stepping stone to whatever purpose she is destined for, I can only really imagine now.

I am thankful for the experience, for all that this apprenticeship taught me and the company that it offered. Before this, I had been working within the Outer Planets Alliance, and it had felt very isolated at the time. To be given a student to commit my time and focus to, gave me clear direction and something to care for beyond my own goals and ambitions.

Now that our apprenticeship is concluded, I will need to take some time to reflect on all that went right and all that did not. Should the Force lead me to become responsible for another, the experience and influence that Kyra's time as my Padawan has given me will be invaluable to the learning and training of others.

I can only hope that she finds a place in life that she is meant for. She can keep herself safe and gain the fulfilment that she deserves, down this new path she walks.

The Force is always with you, my Padawan.
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