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Journal Entry #11: Concerning Times

Subject: Concerning Times.
Location: The Jedi Enclave of Svivren.

Where previously I held mixed feelings about following what I believed to be the will of the force to leave the Silver Jedi Order and venture out on my own, I am now thankful to be freed of the influence that Galactic Politics holds over the Jedi. To my grave disbelief, the Silver Concord has seemingly succumbed to the pressure of the Galactic Alliance and given their support to the New Imperial Order, a schism that splintered off from The Sith Empire and the very likes of which the Galaxy criticized the Concord for seeking peace with in order to combat the Bryn'adul.

Perhaps it is out of fear that the Concord has made this choice, to give in when there has been so much discrimination against them from the Alliance and the Imperials, but I cannot be more relieved to have avoided the responsibility of being countered among the supporters in this decision. The Galaxy may not see it, but these "New Imperials" are no different from those they have come from, spreading war and vowing to crush those who stand in their path. I cannot help but wonder if the Silver Jedi aren't as frustrated by this, as they were the alliance between themselves, the Confederacy and the Sith Empire.

Upon returning to Svivren, it appears the Enclave has not been as quiet as I initially believed. Numerous Jedi are making use of the facilities here and it brings me pride to know that the Outer Rim Territories haven't been forgotten in the southern expanse. It has led me to question whether or not now is the time to pursue the old idea of The Jedi Coalition, together with the Rebellion in order to further secure these parts and to help represent the light where the corruption of politics hasn't yet polluted the minds of those so far from the Core.

The Outer Rim has always been talked about as though they were the forgotten part of the Galaxy. Perhaps this has been to their benefit, especially most recently.

I am concerned about the Order that I have left behind, however. What arguments will be made to justify this latest treaty? I put my faith in the Force that they do not feel the same consequences that came with the Elder Compact as it's been known as. Back then, the Silver Jedi lost some of its members while others fought among themselves. The majority were secure, but it was enough to harm the stability of the Order as a whole. For the numerous worlds and citizens living within Silver Space, I pray that this treaty is the worst of what's to come and that no further repercussions come of this.

As for myself, I have left Mnemosyne and returned to the Outer Rim Territories, and here I plan to remain for the time being. So many World's here remain isolated and wild, aided by no single government but faring for themselves and each having to vie with the likes of mass piracy and unparalleled criminality, both space and surface related. For a Jedi Knight, there is a wealth of work to be found here. Hopefully enough to distract me from this gut feeling I have, as well as the disappointment that comes with it.
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