<---- The sun was in my eyes.

I guess I should start this nifty little thing about me, the writer. Yes, commence screams of horror! *Cough*

I won’t give my real name out, but I will the common alias I use for the vast expanse of the twisting nether.

My name is Scarlet Olivia, I live in Arizona, USA. I’ve been rping for about fourteen years on the internet, thirteen if I count what all I did before I got net access. The very first place I started was on a Rurouni Kenshin rpg on the Anime RPG Network or ARN. Sadly ARN ceased to exist almost a year ago, but I have my fond memories and I particularly remember the person I used to write with, Tadanori Oyama the Lord of Owls. Wherever he is I hope he’s continued to write, he left a huge impact on me, him and Seiji Mitsurugi. They were the people who got me started and to this day I write to keep that wonder they instilled in me alive.

I have had many rp partners since then and my current crop of writing partners are very dear to my heart. They can all attest to my enthusiasm, or whine about it lol. Yes, I still hope to someday run into Oyama and Seiji again, even if its to just say hello and give them my deepest thanks. I doubt they knew what they started.

I love to write. When I am feeling down, its the best way to boost my mood and make me feel content again. I always strive to do my best with whoever I write with and hope, even if a little, what I write inspires my partners too. I can also honestly say that I can count on one hand the number of people I’d never rp with again under any circumstances, though the reasons are usually extreme as I am a forgiving person. It really takes something serious to get me to that point, but I won’t start with the gloom no worries lol.

I’ve been to all kinds of rpgs, some good, some bad, it really just depends on how its ran and how well the staff seem to get along. I’ve been an Admin and a Mod, though my times as just a player outnumber those occurrences. Always those I rp with are the best and greatest of the times I’ve been wandering the net. I’ve been asked in the past what got me started, how did I begin, well, thats easy actually. I did a google search. Really. Thats how it all started. See what prompted that was that I’d been watching the Rurouni Kenshin anime and I went looking for a ‘Rurouni Kenshin RPG’ now, I meant a video game, not a forum rpg.

That search led me to ARN and that was how I started. I wasn’t very internet or computer savvy then, I didn’t think to make the search more specific. So. Nothing glamourous, just an easy mistake that these years later has stayed a significant part of me. All my characters have aspects of my self in them, parts of my personality mixed with those parts that make them all themselves. My very first character on RK RPG had been named Kayilena, later named Kisara. I really have no idea of how bad a writer I was, honestly, for no one from that long ago do I know to tell me. Sadly. For I truly wish I could see how far I’ve come, and to reminisce too.

I’ve come to realize that I learn a lot about the people I write with from reading their posts. People reveal themselves more clearly through the lives they create as their characters. For me, it gives me an idea of what they are really like and or even their flaws, which amazes me. I’m positive my own flaws come out, but no one has ever told me how they perceive them. I have in the past told of my impressions, but I don’t like to do it.

Writing with someone, to me, is like making a connection. Its something I cherish because it makes possible the thing I enjoy best. I dunno, I’ve probably rambled on and scared the life out of the poor fool who reads this lol.

I look forward to writing with those I write with now and finding new people to write with as well. Its always an adventure.