[background=I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever truly acclimate myself to this new age I find myself in. Looking back I realize that all the things from where I had been were in truth far more simple than where I find myself and I have to wonder if perhaps I acted in haste. Yet even as I think this I find that there are far too many new things that keep my interest than where I had left. Politics seem much the same as before, even if the distinctions between factions are not as clear, there is that which hasn’t changed at all. In a way its disappointing, you’d think this future would be more enlightened, but instead its the same rubbish that was fought over in the past. This time the whole galaxy is cut up like some freakish experiment of some mad doctor who decided to fling different colored organs hither and yon. [/size]

[background=I thought it was bad then, but I had no idea, it makes me feel incredibly tired. You can’t even keep up on it all either because as soon as you think you grasp it, some new two-bit faction leaps out of the twisting nether. You’d think they’d see that there is too little space as is, but no, the whole galaxy is a stewing pot of unrest. The best part is, the Sith or should I say Sith-like factions seem far more successful than how it was in my past, which is surprising. There is far more things now to read, to study than there had been before and I find myself with a staggeringly large amount of things to [/size][background=see[/i][background= let alone read and do.[/size]

[background=That alone is worth dealing with this massive amount of shifting chaos. I find myself now in the territory of the Moross Crusade and while I find their philosophy misguided, its stable. The Confederacy just had a large amount of upheaval, the old leadership replaced all of a sudden. I still retain my position, though it was never one of any real significance, but then who considered the keepers of knowledge important? Past or present ones such as myself, an archivist, is never seen as any real use. Yet, these nurses that tend me have given me plenty about where I find myself and, they at least, seem to praise their own with such high favor. Then again they only even talk to me because they are seeking more than just polite conversation, its actually rather...uncomfortable.[/size]

[background=I actually look forward to my Keeper’s arrival, the woman who saved my life, at least then her presence keeps the rest at bay. Women, regardless of the age still act the same and these are supposed to be tending me? I’m intrigued by the pet the woman keeps, this priestess @Loxa Visl . I’d never seen a Mynock before, but they are quite something to see, I’d always been fascinated by dragons and this creature seems of their kin though much smaller. The woman herself is interesting, but I dare not pry for I know not how long it will be before its known that I am from another faction and not factionless like she seems to assume. I haven’t confirmed this for I’d prefer not to lie, but not telling her is just as dishonest.[/size]

[background=She would make an interesting apprentice especially as I find that all of mine have disappeared. However she is part of the Crusade and I, am not and I doubt I’d be allowed to take her under my wing. Odd how I find myself regretting my choice now, but then I haven’t felt like I belonged. Its quite a position I find myself in, but of course I have come to no decisions as I do not know where exactly I stand with these people. All I have is my writing and this, thankfully, is something only [/size][background=my[/i][background= eyes can read. I am grateful the woman was kind enough to acquire some things for me while I am confined to this healing facility. It doesn’t quite sate the restlessness I feel, but at least I am not fully without something to do for myself. I do not want to be her, or their, enemy in fact...I do not want any enemies at all for I am content to leave well enough alone.[/size]

[background=My desires have not changed, I only wish to study and grow, not amass leagues of people who wish to see me dead. I came close this time, truly, and I will pay the ones responsible back, somehow. I [/size][background=remember[/i][background=. He should have tried harder to truly kill me and as for the coward that had intruded upon us, I despise cowards. I should have left that hole when I had the chance, I won’t make that mistake again. Why was it that one of the Crusade came to my aid and not someone from my own faction? I do not understand at all, nor have they tried to contact me either. I won’t find the answers here of course, but the more pressing concern is, do I even wish to know? That bothers me the most. Would it be better if I fade from knowledge again and continue my own path?[/size]

[background=I’ve done it once before, the prospect of doing so again doesn’t really bother me, yet I should feel...something. All I know is that this happened to me for a reason, I wouldn’t be alive now if [/size][background=this[/i][background= wasn’t important. Nothing in my life since grasping the taste of the Power I can channel has been chance. Maybe my whole life this has been so, I know not. I [/size][background=feel[/i][background= that this is necessary somehow, my instinct says to pay attention. I now play a waiting game to find out just what exactly the opportunity I am supposed to come upon is. I hope it happens soon.[/size]