Upon opening the Holocron, the viewer would be greeted by a masked man sitting cross-legged directly in front of them. His posture was formal, back straight, and hands on his knees. His shoulders were broad, and the mask seemed to speak volumes of who the man behind it was without him even speaking a word.
As he began to speak, however, he sounded unsure of himself. His voice boomed like thunder through the holo, yet it sounded like he was holding back. "I...am Krux Mullarus. Padawan of the Silver Sanctum Coalition, an order of Jedi Knights independent from a Republic that seeks serenity through the Light Side of the Force. I am also Krux Mullarus, former Knight of the Order of the Sith. If you are viewing this holocron, then I have deemed you worthy of listening to my story. It is more than just a story about a man who turned from the Dark Side of the Force and sought redemption after seeing the flaws in following the Dark Side of the Force. My life...is a lesson."
It was at this point that Mullarus reached up with both hands and gently pulled the hood from his head and then the mask over his face, setting it down in his lap. His face still possessed dark side corruption, but it would be difficult to notice in the hologram. "A lesson still in the middle of its lecture, and with no end in sight. If you are viewing this holocron, you were given the privilege for more reasons than just the fact that I want you to heed whatever wisdom I can shed from this cracked skin of mine, it's because I trust you with the imformation. Some of these entries...will be very personal. There will be words I speak here that I have never told anyone before, and things I will never tell anyone. If you're viewing this holocron...I trust you, and I want to guide you down the right path. The galaxy is a stage, and we are it's actors. There are antagonists, and protagonists, but in this tragedy, we don't know who those people are. That is a goal. Which are you? Your family? Your friends? Your teachers? Your...lovers? Who is really on your side, and who really just wants to watch you suffer?"
Mullarus stared forward for a moment in silence before exhaling and closing his eyes. "I will go over my upbringing in the first entry. Every one of us has a story, and it all starts the day we were conceived whether we think it does or not. I only ask that you listen. This is more than a story, like i've said."
---End of holorecording. Begin Entry One?---
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