"My homeworld is Anaxes, a world in the deep core of the galaxy, which is where the One Sith government and support is most powerful. Anaxes' main purpose to the Sith has been as a naval base and fortress. It had cities, of course, which is where my parents, who worked aboard starships and space stations as mechanical engineers. As a child, I wanted to serve the navy just like them. My mother and father were never fighters. They were always too afraid to...lose each other in battle. They didn't want me to grow up without proper parental figures.
"Well, of course, that didn't last. My mother's parents, my grandfather and grandmother, were both Sith. My grandmother was defeated by Jedi Shadows before I was even born, but my grandfather, Ferren Jekyll, had...an obsession with training one of his own flesh and blood in the ways of the Dark Side. My mother never showed signs of force sensitivity, though, and my father had no relatives in his entire family who were force-sensitive. I got it. I wish I didn't. It ended up becoming a curse.
"It took me up until about six months ago to discover, but Lord Jekyll had my parents murdered and had led me to believe my entire life that it was the Republic's doing. This was the first time in my life I had been consumed and controlled by the Dark Side. My force-sensitivity was finally surfaced, and Jekyll devoted six years of his life to teaching me the history of the Sith as well as the very basics. He had no intention of making me his formal apprentice, but I was his last.
"When he felt I was ready, at the age of 19, he sent me to Coruscant to find a formal master to complete my training. I was met with a togruta called...Darth Pyrrhus. I stood before him alongside two other acolytes to prove which of us was most worthy." Finally, Mullarus' lecture ceased for a moment as he drew a hand through his hair and chuckled softly, "Funny...I still remember their faces as if i'd just met them yesterday. One was a Bith. Quiet, but not quite humble. He just kept to himself. The other was a young, golden-haired girl. Arrogant, confident, everything I wasn't. I was just the ambitious little acolyte who wanted to follow my grandfather's footsteps and prove to them that honor meant something to a Sith.
"The Bith was slain. In a rage, I destroyed him with Lightning after he struck me from behind. I crippled the girl, but showed mercy. From the moment Pyrrhus, that pig, expressed his distaste for my merciful ways, I knew our ideologies would clash again and again...but he accepted my decision and took me as his apprentice."
Mullarus closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "That was when I formally joined the One Sith Empire. In my next entry, I will discuss my old master in greater detail. Darth Pyrrhus. It will be painful. I despise the bastard. I have little good to speak of him. But it is necessary."