How long has it been, two, three years. I sit alone on this hell of a world. Biding my time, watching as everything I once knew had been destroyed. A dream a vision, all of it gone and yet here I am still living, for those reading this you may not know who I am. Perhaps this will enlighten you as to who writes this. I was once a feared executioner of a God. A man who's powers were far greator than my own. I am Kyrel Ren a Master of the Knights of Ren. I sit within the Obsidian halls of Fortress Vader my only refuge to write this journal as if to preserve a once golden era. A time where the return of a golden age was once imminent.
The year is 858 ABY I am in solitude, wondering when or if I will die. I was once at the beck and call of a powerful being, and now here I am wallowing in my own misery. My sense of purpose missing or dead, a once great empire shattered, struggling to survive. I write this all down to see if someone will carry on a legacy that now is in threat of dying in of itself.
Where should I begin? My life, the empire that I serve, thoughts on my mind? Perhaps I shall go through various topics I have had on my mind in my solitude, some of them reflection, others musings or even looks to the future, perhaps insight. I might even be surprised if anyone reads and dares to follow the legacy established here.
Shall we begin with our first topic. The Order I serve has been in this galaxy for hundreds of years, it started with the collapse of the Empire, with the Sith destroyed for a time, the dark side needed to take a new vessel. Rumored to start with the cult known as the Acolytes of the Beyond. Than when the First Order emerged the greatest threat was the nascant Jedi Order under Luke Skywalker, Supreme Leader Snoke saw to it to corrupt it from within. The Heir to Vader Ben Solo. With the fall of Ben Solo the first scion of the Ren came to be with Kylo Ren. For years he was a brutal warrior, before ultimately becoming Supreme Leader himself. Unfortunately the Ren were not to last, and the Sith once again saw surviving influence once more.
The Knights of Ren soon emerged in 845 ABY under the reemergence of the First Order, in a time when the galaxy was under going mass chaos. The Supreme Leader, the mysterious individual known as Sieger Ren came forth, and from then the Knights emerged stronger under a being who wasn't even known to his followers or his people. With the fall of the Sith once more, the Knights soon emerged as the next evolutionary threat of the dark side. Governments such as the Galactic Alliance knew that soon enough.