(Camera focuses on a Jedi Master in the middle of a crowd at the steps of a brand new facility to house refugees)

NEWS ANNOUNCER: We now take you live to Corellia, where Jedi Master Curran Andiss is overseeing the opening of a brand new, state of the art facility to care for those displaced by the Bryn'adul Crusades

Jedi Master Curran Andiss: I am proud to announce the opening of a new Refugee Center to care for those affected by the Bryn'adul Crusades. Though this war has stretched resources thin, The Jedi Order remains tireless in its efforts to protect the innocent from those that would prey on them...we have not been able to do nearly enough to alleviate their suffering, I'm afraid, but facilities like this are nonetheless essential for helping those who can be helped--

Man in crowd interrupting: LIAR!

(Jedi Master turns to disheveled looking man. Local security began to move towards him)

Jedi Master Andiss: I'm sorry? Is there something the matter?

Strange Refugee: I lost my entire family at Wobani! Everything! You think one measly fething building is gonna solve my problems? The Jedi Order has been completely useless throughout this whole damn war against the Lobsters. Your Order threw my people to the wolves just to have it out with the Sith!"

Master Andiss: I'm truly, deeply sorry for your loss, Sir. I can't imagine how difficult it's been for you. But the Jedi Order cannot be everywhere at once. We have to pick and choose our battles.

Master Andiss: Bringing an end to The Sith Empire was a historic opportunity to bring peace to entire regions of space. What the Bryn'adul have done to your people was evil, and they will be brought to justice, but can't you look past your own sorrow, for just a moment, to understand what we are trying to achieve? The Sith Empire has gotten away with much worse than the Bryn'adul over the years. They have ended planets and species through entire generations of existence. The evil they represented could not afford to remain unaddressed. Especially when weakened. Especially when we had the means to finally stop them.

Strange Refugee: The Bryn'adul tore my whole family apart in front of me and LAUGHED!

Master Andiss: I sense you are in great pain. And you have a right to be angry. But think of the good we can now do for the Galaxy under the Bastion Accords. Please, I must remind you, The Silver Jedi lost people at Wobani also. Some of our Jedi Generals died defending the populace--I was friends with all of them--

Strange Refugee: Your generals were as worthless as the rest of your Order. Token resistance.

Master Andiss: The Sith Empire had to be stopped. I'm sorry for your loss, but this tirade serves neither you, the family you have lost, nor any other victim of the Bryn'adul. We have to focus on the now, look for real solutions instead of pointing to scapegoats for who didn't do enough of what and when.

Strange Refugee: (Pulls out shotgun from long overcoat)

Strange Refugee: You can tell that to my wife when you meet her.

(Master Andiss acts quickly, Force pulling the shotgun out of his hand while security tackles the refugee---and is immediately shot to death in mid Force Pull by another, much more well dressed woman at the front of the crowd)

Strange Woman: You can say that to my son too

(Crowd screams and starts running everywhere, panicking)

Security Team Member: Second shooter! Second shooter! (Tackles woman)

NEWS ANNOUNCER : Cut to commercial, Bob. Bob, cut to commercial!--


(Camera Feed cuts)

NEWS ANNOUNCER: We now have breaking news: A shooting has occured at a refugee center at Corellia. Casualties are unknown at this time but Multiple reports are coming in confirming Master Curran Andiss has been murdered at its very steps, and two suspects have been apprehended. We'll have more for you as this story develops--

(Feed Cuts)