[background=[color=#b3c30e]By Malagith Warleera Sharratt[/color]

[background=Some of my vode (brothers/sisters) might correct me when I say "In Unity, There is Honor". They might believe that there is a better word to place there, such as Strength, Power, or Glory. While these aspects are important to Mando'ade, these aspects are also important to Sith. Our honor is what separates us from others. [/font]
[background=These are trying nights for our people. We are broken and defeated. But for many, their honor is still intact. I see this on [url=""]Hollastin[/url]. I see members of Clans speaking, drinking, sharing a fire, remembering those who have fallen, and are together in unity for this week. This is our way and the way of our people. Taking our buy'ce (helmet) off only among clan and vode when it will have to be forced from our heads otherwise. This week is good. I know our ancestors would be proud of this rare moment considering the shame we have brought on the clans in the past. It is my job to chronicle the events of Mando'ade in this era. At times, it is a thankless duty, but it is a necessary one. While we never should dwell in the past, we must learn from our mistakes...especially ones that bring dishonor to our clans.
[background=Many vode find it easy to share a fire with Clans that serve the Sith Empire...I am not one of these vode. I am not ready to forgive or forget. Clan Warleera was wiped out in this war between the clans and the Sith Empire. Some of my own clan fell to the bolts of Clans that grovel at the foot of Dark Lords. Perhaps they were brainwashed, forced into service or otherwise unable to control their actions...that is the only reason I can even imagine that they would turn a blaster on one of their own. Until I understand more, they are dar'manda to me...all of them.[/font]
[background=I am a realist. I know this time will not last...this peace between the clans, this time of fellowship and this break before more of us will go die. We are not a united people, yet still some are comfortable flinging themselves in open combat with the Sith Empire...foolish. We are not ready. The rebels on Concord Dawn and Mandalore? This is more of the type of warfare that we can partake in now, but open warfare, sending more of our people to die in fleet battles? It saddens me. These are the kind of decisions that led us to ruin time and time again with an incompetent Mand'alor uniting our clans. I watch now as various Alors and independents clamor and jockey for position to make their vie for Mand'alor in the present...this is the seeking of glory. While I want our Mand'alor to be strong and wise, we are not there yet. There is much to do before we follow a Mand'alor back into battle.[/font]
[background=We are not ready. We must regroup, be allowed to grieve, and ultimately decide what this defeated Mandalorian society will look like. While we are nowhere close to being ready to have an imbecile claim his spot as Mand'alor, we are at least seeing the beginnings of a united people. Most of us have begun to see the folly of our past. Many are returning to the Resol'nare to its core...[/font]
[background=This is our way.[/font]