By Malagith Warleera Sharratt

Our way of life is threatened. Our pride and our arrogance paved the way for the near extinction of our culture. As a people, we were fractured, disjointed and as a result, dysfunctional. Mando’ade lost its way during our time of unification and conquest. We waged the canons of war without a thought to the end. It was strategic fallacy that led to the loss of Mandalore and Concord Dawn. The result was simply an exposure to our inadequacies as a people…they were united and we were not. How do we wage war on a military juggernaut like the Sith Empire without a Mand’alor, a true Mand’alor that truly unites the clans?
Perhaps, in the end, it was best that we were defeated. Perhaps it was best that we have been forced from our home and made to think on the events that led to our expulsion from our homeworld. While Clan Sharratt did not foresee the defeat we would suffer, fate had plans for us to reside in Hutt Space. Having chosen Hollastin as our home for the sake of economics, we were able to take in refugees from Mandalore. We were able to provide a safe haven for those who were displaced and forced from their homes. Perhaps it is best that Mando’ade has been forced to retreat back into the life of the Clans and lick our wounds.
In the interim, we will have to watch this Sith puppet of a Mand’alor make a mockery of our culture. It is just as well that this dar’manda serves as a reminder to all the true Mandalorian clans what can happen when we are not united as one people. It is my hope, in this time of defeat and shame, that we are able to rediscover what was lost and understand that the petty differences that separate our clans as one people were just that…petty.