To whom it may concern…

During a congregation with my peers within the Concordian Party of the Order of the Silver Jedi, it was requested that I offer my thoughts upon recent attacks within Silver Space, as well as current events on-going within our neighboring Nations.

As many of you may be aware, The Sith Empire led an assault against the good people of Velmor with, what we believe to be, the intention of capturing and enslaving the civilian population. In immediate response to their arrival, the Silver Jedi and a significant portion of Military and Naval Personnel were successful in the defense of the Capital. Operations have since been undertaken in order to aid the local populace in the recovery of Den Velmor, as well as heavy investigation into any reports of missing persons as a result of this malicious attack.

Following this, we have also been made aware of a sizable Bryn'adûl force which attempted to move in on the World of Kessel, to which our Antarian Rangers and Silver Jedi responded in kind. While humanitarian efforts were made in the transitioning of refugees out of Kessel prior to this incident, it is not yet determined the fallout of this exchange. Rest assured that we are not content to sit idle as the innocent are plagued by such acts of terrorism.

Which brings me to my hope for the future…

The Order of the Silver Jedi holds significant contacts in a number of our neighboring Nations and Governments situated across the Galactic Map to date. In the growing aggression's undertaken by those of the Sith and the Bryn'adûl, terrorist groups and a significant rise in criminal activity of late, Ministers of Concordia, in support by the Silver Assembly have reached out to the Outer Planets Alliance and the Galactic Alliance in order to strengthen our collective resolve. It is vitally important that our citizens of the Galaxy see that the forces of democracy and justice are willing to stand for what is right and fair, to safeguard their freedoms and civil rights from acts of tyranny and violent oppression.