Entry II, 'Ryloth's Liberation'

This entry is dated a few days later than the last one, this time the woman appears better-rested but still as serious, not even pausing to reflect on where she'd left off or to recap anything for the non-existent audience, "After Geonosis, I finished my trials and got knighted, then, uh... It was off to Ryloth, I think. That was the next big battle."

"Generals Kenobi, Skywalker and Windu were handling most of the big stuff. Me, my guys, Hawkbat? We were just supposed to take out a really big gun that was going to cause a lot of problems."

"We landed it and it was like we were the only people alive. It was... Me, Raptor, my Commander -- Crack, our medic, Caedes, this hardass of a soldier that I don't think ever, ever smiled, and Vandal, this massive guy, apparently he had a growth defect. Each of them had a few other clones with them too, we all moved like a big pack through the plains of Ryloth. Lots of dead battledroids, most of the ones alive on clean-up duty."

"Then I found the dead Jedi. A female Twi'lek who'd fallen with her men. Her second in command was still alive, a soldier named Stain, so my Commander picked him up to bring him with us."