Entry I, 'Geonosis, Part One'

An exceptionally tired, young, female Kiffar is shown on this recording, her hair loose around her shoulders in thick black curls. Her eyelids are physically drooping, as if unable to stay open much longer, and the black snake coiled around her eye seems a little sad due to the grim expression on her face. But her voice seems steady, and she rubs at her nose with a long sleeve before starting to speak in a tone marred with exhaustion, "I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this," She began, glancing behind her briefly, "...I'm a little paranoid of a certain someone walking in." A slow blink and she forged on, "But I think I really need to get this off my chest. And nobody can get into this recorder except me, so--"
"So here we are. Where to start. I was... 19, yes, 19 when I was informed the Council was sending all available Jedi to Geonosis. Apparently, something had happened with a Master and his unruly Padawan, and it was leading to all-out war. I was in the middle of my trials, I was-- I wasn't doing well, to be honest, and then the call to war is dropped in your lap?" A grimace crosses her face, "It wasn't very fun, to say the least. Master Saiss instructed me to follow the orders of whoever was leading my battalion. You see, Padawans, we received a Commander's commission, whilst Masters and Knights got General. I was assigned to... Hawkbat, the name was, I believe. Our orders were to be right in the thick of it, and I had command of a small detachment that was going to be assaulting artillery."
Her gaze drops a little, levelling with something below the recorder's lens, "Even just landing was rough. Hawkbat itself lost a couple transports to the fire but my guys were alright, at least until we hit the ground. And we hit it hard, believe me, the moment the LAAT's doors were open my lightsaber was in a Geonosian's back. Our only opportunities to move up towards the cannons was during the reloading, otherwise, we had to hunker down and pray to something that they wouldn't target our location."
"I think that was the worst part. The waiting. Knowing that so much death was happening around me and that it could come for me soon enough if the Force elected not to warn me. I was lucky it did, when the cannons finally locked onto us. We were only a few meters away, and, boom-- Next thing I remember it's all white. Then it's all black. And my Master is whispering kind words to me as the same voices of Clones echo in and out of my mind, the sounds of medics and pained men."
"Apparently I saved my men, but at the cost of myself. Well, partially."
"What's a few scars to a Commander?"