... And in Financial News;
Following the disappearance of Dorian Harper, and subsequent stock price drop in the InterGalactic Banking Clan - a new Director has been announced. Descending from a long history of nobility in the Core, and a long history of business superiority, Veles Oshu has been voted in as the presiding Director of the largest financial institution in the Galaxy. With this declaration, he had this to say;
"Investors, Citizens, Galactic Businessmen - Every day we fall a bit more into chaos. A touch more into the darkness of old times - and the loss of Dorian Harper was simply another blow on the chin we will have to take. While his legacy will be remembered fondly for building the Company with his blood sweat and tears - a new era needs to emerge. Of Galactic stability, of financial security - and lower interest rates."
Following the announcement, a Gala Event was also scheduled in the following week between Director Oshu and some of the largest companies in the IGBC's investment portfolio - along with politicians, foreign business men, and more.
Further investigation into the disappearence of Dorian Harper is underway but -
The Transmission cuts as the channel is changed.​