The following is a transcript from the Galactic Journal's Late Night Broadcasting...
Following an arms race between the IGBC subsidiary Jaeger Solutions and the once-Sith Led Aurora Industries; a record breaking buyout has occured. After the fall of the Confederacy and Sith Empire, Aurora stock prices tanked as of last week and was quickly bought out in its entirety by the IGBC - showing signs that the once stagnated Banking Clan continues to build steam in the new galactic economy.​
Following the aquisition, the IGBC quickly implemented new regulatory practices and managerial changes to the ship manufacturing giant; most notably removing its infamous CEO and Founder Taeli Raaf . With the current climate of Sith business owners on the Galactic Scale, it was a highly predicted move; and thus the price of Aurora has once again began to rise. Reports indicate that a new CEO was handpicked from the Board of Directors within the IGBC - one Merryn Sellek.​
Rarely is it seen a Fortune 500 company buys out another - but with the current nature of the markets, unprecedented things happen daily. The buyout has thus far been reported in the trillions of credits; but documentation is sparse. This is considered breaking news, and updates will follow when available.​
This concludes the transcript.