Image Source: Rebels Wiki
Intent: To make a Bo-Rifle for sale by Angamar Enterprises
Development Thread: None
Manufacturer: Angamar Enterprises
Model: IE-1
Affiliation: Closed MarketModularity: Can be used as both an electrostaff and a blaster rifle
Production:[background= Mass Produced
[b]Material: [/b]Normal blaster parts,
Classification(Ranged): Blaster Rifle
Classification(Melee): Electrostaff
Size(Melee): Two handed
Size(Rangede): Handheld
Length: .75 Meters(Compact) 1.5 meters(Extended)
Weight: 8 Kilograms
Ammunition Type: Power Cell, gas Canister, Mini-Power Generator
Ammunition Capacity: 325
Effective Range: 60 Meters
Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto
Special Features: Can convert from Rifle to Staff in a matter of seconds[background=
  • Versitality: The IE-1 is extremely versatile due to it being both a ranged and a melee weapon.
  • Hard to Learn: Due to it being both a Blaster and a melee weapon it can be difficult to train with.
Description: A design first made by a company years ago for the honor guard of the planet of Lasan. Kham commenderred it as a product for his company and brought it up to modern standards. Making it so that the origanals problems with accuracy and range were removed. As well as making it easier to wield fror the average person. While it is easy to use, dedicated training is needed to get even slightly above average with the weapon due to it being two weapons in one.
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