[background="I Boramir Larcony have impersonated the man you know as Kham Nakgul for the past six months. It was I who ordered the bombardment of the planet of Christophis in order to frame Kham Nakgul for the crime. I am a shapeshifter, and took his form to impersonate him. I planned to turn him into the Crystall Dynasty and, in return, acquire his asets. Keeping what I had gained and disposing of the prime rival to my claim to the throne of the planet of Angamar. I freely admit to these crimes as a being of sound mind and body. Kham Nakgul is an innocent man in the wider galaxy." Boramir had slowly changed from Kham to his natural look, and at the end of his speech the camera switched to look at Kham, "I hope that you will believe the prior mesage. And I regret that I cannot send you his head on a platter, I do not wish to claim any bounty but rather I hope that this will clear my name. If this reaches you by way of a Bounty Hunter I hope that you will pay them the bounty in full. I now reclaim the name of my birth, Sauron Saxon[background=."[/size]