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The Gypsymoth has flown the length and breadth of the galaxy, and far, far beyond. It's been there for innumerable rebellions and blockade runs, daring assaults, the creation of entire hyperlanes. A lunchbox under the pilot's seat holds the Great Holocron and Tionne's Holocron, retrieved from occupied Coruscant by the Order of the Selab. Spacers and Force Masters of all descriptions have spent time as crew or passengers on the Gypsymoth. It's been present for cataclysmic hyperspace events, it's flown through Otherspace, it's gone extragalactic more than once. With Jorus at the helm, it's gone the equivalent of 0.2 past lightspeed, faster than anything has ever gone.

The first recorded tales of the ship, apart from apocryphal stories of her acquisition, involve the so-called Crusade. The details of the Crusade are lost in the final years of the Dark Age; what's known is that, before Teferi Artemis and Ben Watts unified and created the modern Jedi Order, radical Jedi took the fight to emergent Sith groups in a deadly way. Local secular authorities attempted to lock down the radicalized Jedi, and Jorus was one of their lower-ranking instruments.

During the Crusade, the Gypsymoth transported a detained Jedi Master from the site of his greatest failure. The vessel rescued another Jedi Master from a boiling tsunami. It fought Sith aircraft and ground forces in the great forests of Kashyyyk. It was even present when Master Hawk Hinata got put in his place by General Nomad and his de facto aide: Jorus Quentin Merrill.