I lied. This isn't a weekly blog. There is no schedule.


Why is it so difficult to become a Hulk? I got teh plant growth. I got teh medical stuff. I got teh dev thread. I got teh rageface. y u no let me be hulk, rpjs?

I understand where they're coming from, of course. It's bringing Marvel into SWRP. And that's something that is, well, frowned upon. It's not an official rule, per se, but that don't mean it's exactly smiled on either. Same with spamming. It's legal in the correct forum, but it's not always liked. Which I found out the hard way. Twice.

But I digress. I want to be like a hulk of my own, I just don't see how I could do that, other than - wait. Hold on. I had an epiphany.

Why stop at being a Hulk?