There was a confusion among the crowd gathered in Coronet's Council District. Indeed, the Diktat of Corellia was also a bit disheartened. The drones buzzed and the holo cams hummed as the aging general turned-politician readied himself.

"Corellia has always been a titan of industry," he began, "And we have always opened our doors to new innovation and fearless individuals with a dream and a plan." He paused. "However, as we all know when one's engines run too hot or you skip through hyperspace haphazardly what had once been a powerful tool to carry that ambition backfires. It cracks and sputters and leaves you stranded in the empty of the stars." The crowd began to murmur. Was this old man ever going to get to the point?

"A recent addition to Corellia, one that I had hoped would bring even greater prosperity to the sector and to our own rebuilding efforts as we attempt to reclaim the Coronet Wilds, Hex Incorporated, has done just that. They built too fast and without propper negotiations with the right channels and the right people." Yularen looked down at his podium as if admonishing a child.

"Well, the recent accidents and the violent response of the people in the Coronet Wilds has proven that maybe one man's ambition was too great. It is with the blessing of the Corellian Council, the Corellian Fathers, and the power invested in me as Diktat of the Corellian Confederation that I am revoking all contracts with the Hex corporation and revoking their right to continued expansion within the Confederation." The crowd burst into a cacophony of sound as questions were flung at the Diktat. It was odd to Yularen that one man thought he could bully his way into Corellian politics. How he won the election as senator he would never know, but for now he needed to be put in his place. He couldn't answer all the questions at once but he did leave them with one final piece.

"All para-military operations of the Hex Corporation are to end and will be enforced by the full strength of the Confederation's military. We understand the sudden loss of employment will be immense and we are already underway to bring on other investors and companies to fill this lapse. Though I understand many of Corellia's best and brightest were poached from our own homegrown companies to begin with so I'm sure many will find homes again." With the crowd still hungry for answers the Diktat and leader of the Confederation left the stage.