Live - Coronet City - Corellia
Floating holocams hovered around the makeshift stage and podium that had been set up in Coronet's Capitol Square. A crowd of Corellian citizens and reporters filled the park that up until now had only been sparsely populated by aides of the Corellian Council. It was a cool clear night not typical of Southern Coronet in the dead of summer. It was a welcomed reprieve, especially for the aging Quarth clad in his Corellian Defense Force dress uniform, his General's pauldron catching the evening light. Diktat Yularen Nova stepped to the podium.

"People of Corellia," he started, "Recently, as you have all no doubt heard, our neighboring system of Duro lost their senator to an unprovoked act of violence. While I'm sure there are many theories making their way across the holonet, the fact of the matter is that the very fabric peace and democracy that the Galactic Alliance has fought so hard for has been assaulted, and not for the first time in recent months. As a victim of a similar tragedy Corellia offers its deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Senator Far Zhas. As a previous member system to the Corellian Confederation our kinship and continued cooperation have always been appreciated and welcomed. This marks the second attempt on a Galactic Alliance Senator's life and the first successful one and still, our leaders do nothing! To me it is obvious who is to blame for this. The lack of much physical evidence and the precision with which this attack appears to have after preliminary means indicate to this administration that Jedi were involved in this attack. Maybe even the same group of Rogue Jedi that attempted the attack on our own Senator."

"I call on the Senate to investigate this fully and actually utilize the Special Committee on Force Affairs to their fullest abilities. For too long the Jedi have been held up as PARAGONS of our great nation, the PINNACLE of what selflessness and duty has to offer. Yet they've proven time and time again that they would rather take the law into their own hands without fear of consequence than follow appropriate channels or even use the diplomacy skills they have been famed for a thousand years." His voice was stern, clear, and held no quarter. This man was tired of the hypocrisies of men and women who saw themselves so far above the law as to ignore it completely and utterly.

"You cannot defeat injustice once and consider yourself victorious. It is our duty as the Galactic Alliance to challenge injustice when we see it, no matter the perpetrator. We either stand for what we believe in forever without limit or qualification, with strength and bravery or we shall fall to the same elements that crushed democracy decades ago. If the Alliance will not, then Corellia will find allies who will." The questions and flashes began flying as reporters vied for the next big scoop. Questions about the progress of Jedi Knight Lanik's investigation, on the recent embassy opening for one of the Galaxy's largest supporters of the various Jedi Orders, and a myriad of other unrelated political hot topics. But the speech was done and the Corellian Diktat had laid out the thoughts of his administration. They'd given their sympathies and had let the Galaxy know that whoever had done this...Corellia was coming for them.