// Access Denied - Unauthorized Identification...Subroutine Activated - Resurrection Detected...File Corrupted - "Public View Inevitable"// Deactivate Security Program [Breach Detected] //

Perhaps my life wasn't exactly a fitting one. Perhaps every choice I made wasn't the right one but I know they were nesscary. My mother disowns me. My father is dead. My birth world lays under the control of some vast power in the distance. My Homeworld lays in ruin.

All I know is that in my heart, I made the right choice. And now, it's tim e for me to affirm my decision. To place some of my most trustworthy advisors into command positions they should have received a long time ago, if only they had taken the offer. But no, they stood by me so I shall protect them and protect the dream.

Ah, there it is. The taint on my soul. The ephiphany of my entire life. Everything hinges on architecture and weapons. Everything hinges on the resurrection of the beloved Empire I serve: The First Order.

The civilians make me feel guilty. Every time I confer with them about anything, they ask why I don't protect the very few unscathed worlds from the Ssi-Ruuvi. Deep down in my heart, I want to. I need to. But I can't. Why does the contempt bind me to destroy my oath of obligation?

That is until the day I said "No". The day I made them see how us designing new, more effective warships, was key to the Unknown Regiosns survival. To the Western Reaches survival.

I guess my rambling must come to end, considering much of this has almost nothing to do with my work. Nothing to do with defeating the Imperium but it does.

To those who will one day read this, I say believe in Order. Believe in Strength, Honor and Integrity. Believe in Sieger. Believe in the First Order and we shall prosper, very soon, in a new golden age.

// [Automatic Contingency Reply: Updated 861 ABY] // Attention citizens of the First Order and those others reading this now public journal of mine. Those words have meaning to us all, we shall overcome the death and destruction the Ssi-Ruuvi left in thier wake. We may be recoving but I assure you, the Moffs of the Provisional Council shall lead us into a new, great age.

And live from New York, it's Saturday Night!!!