Offical Response Issued by the Interstellar Union Peace Corps: Regarding the "Confederacy First" Proclamation -

The galaxy remains unfazed. Cooperation have lead to many eras of peace and yet in a bold and unspeakable way, the great and powerful Confederacy of Independent Systems would choose to abandon it's galactic responsibility to care for those in distress" - Office of the Kuat of Kuat regarding the Confederacy Fist Mandate

In light of recent events, the Interstellar Union has been formed as a peace organization, relief organization and anti-piracy service. We do not blame the Confederacy for choosing to close it's borders with it's neighbors. It is understandable to say the least. However, the galaxy is a large place and so the Interstellar Union has ordered the construction of several dozen vessels to support the galaxy in this dire time.

As a peace keeping organization, the Interstellar Union offers membership to the Spacer Guilds, The Galactic Alliance (High Republic and Core Alliance), The Sith Empire, The New Imperial Order, The Corporate Authorities of Denon, The Confederacy of Independent Systems (If and when at all possible), the Agents of Chaos, among many other factions of the galaxy.

Your membership does not detail any type of decline of your sovereignty but rather the Interstellar Union serves to solve disputes, regulate trade routes, end piracy and organized crime. Per this, member factions may operate as they see fit.

OOC: Basically a NATO and UN Combined Organized. Difference is we would have very small Task Forces deployed to solve issues and such.

The Interstellar Union has issued several envoys for diplomatic matters.

- Office of General Secretary, Grand Admiral Extari Talon, Sovereign System of O'reel