Sitting near one of the many Mandalorian mass graves, or rather mass grave stone as he often did in the early hours of the morning, Gilamar watched the Mandalorian sunrise. Its light slowly crept over the treeline of the veshok forest that lied just on the other side of the lake. With a sigh he brought up his flask to his old mouth and tipped the beskar tin back dumping its black contents into his throat.

It was times like these, the few times he had like this...That he spent looking over the tabs his contacts kept on the deadliest warriors in the Galaxy.

Darron Wraith, M.I.A, Jedi Master of a form the Jedi called "Vapaad". He had seen him fight on Roche and heard of his exploits from his contacts. The Galaxy was a more dangerous place with him out of it, especially now with the One Sith returning.

Death's Hand...He was one that made even Gilamar tense up. An incredible fighter and an even better assassin from all accounts, the few that existed. He needed to get closer tabs on him, or her. He didn't like it when tall, dark, and deadly people roamed the Galaxy with secret identities.

Of Course the Bear. He was...Around, able to be found when he was truly needed, impossible to find if he wasn't.

Mia Monroe, or whatever she called herself now, if she still called herself that. Also roaming, incredibly dangerous and volatile. Its not that he didn't trust Mia...He just wasn't sure if the Mia he had known was the same one that came back.

Ashin...She was where she was needed. Fighting the things that didn't need to see the light of day. He sometimes wished he could be with her, as great of a warrior as she is, it would be an honor fighting alongside her against whatever lied in the Unknown regions.

There were many Sith that were powerful warriors in their own right, but he had a separate list of them.

Taking another sip of his black ale he leaned back in his chair and watched the rising sun, placing the datapad on the cool, wet grass.