The hologram of the two anchors appeared dressed smartly and baring a serious face. "Tonight's news, An orphan boy saves the Dantooine senator from jumping. Iziz swoop race semi finals end in disaster." "But first The Rusya System goes supernova." The image would change to footage caught by a fleeing civilian catching the horrific events.

"Today the entire world of Sekaus had been evacuated after word broke out the star in the system was rapidly dying. Many ships local to the system had joined in the efforts."
"Indeed they have Traya, A large helping hand came from the Outer Rim Coalition and Star Tours Sacrificing many resources to pull such a feat off."
"With their careful planning both groups used everything to their advantage making the Inquisitions Ring into an ark for the people. Just moments after the space ring left, the Civilians on the Libita Class Command Ship Captained by the Queen bare witnessed the explosion of the sun and the destruction of their world." The image changed back to the two anchors.
"We now go live to our reporter on Jelucan. Razall to you." "Thanks Traya. Yes what has happened is a terrible disaster. Billions of civilians are now left without a home in search for a new. Communities have banded together in this dark time for the Sekalien people to aid in the efforts. Supply ships have been coming and going from this space port behind me. They have been sending food, fresh water, clothes and blankets. We have tried to reach the people in charge but unfortunately we and been unsuccessful at this time."
"Thank you Razall. Up next Hero orphan saves Dantooine senator. You'll hear more about this after the break."