It was hard these days to practice the saber techniques with the universe in peril. There was something always to be done, another fight to be had, another meeting to attend. As she stood there in the room with her sabers preparing to practice on some of the faulty modules of droids that had came off the production line from her company she looked over to Maria. The Droid was able to process data of other people change tactics to how the other fought. But it left Sanya thinking, the Droid can obviously also track her movements to begin a new technique. One that would keep others on their toes. There was many occasions where a two on one fight happened that's fact but more often the one person fighting alone is perfected in their skills and craft. Even if a fight was two on one it left the two still at a disadvantage.
What if a technique was made to even the odds. One where if performed fluently and near perfect the fight could easily be won per say. "Maria I want you to stay several paces behind me, I'm switching all safety features off this Droid. I want it to be able to have a slight chance of hitting us. When I say switch you will come in and strike the most open area while I jump back." Sanya moved over to the Droid stood powered down and removed the friend or enemy detector and made it attack on sight of anything moving in it's path. She so far was the only one able to do this to her droids as done in the wrong way would fry the systems.
Powering the Droid up Sanya walked away to face it with a ten step gap between. In sense it was a controlled safe environment. The door was locked and the only things that was In the room was Maria, Sanya and the Droid. As it's systems booted up the Droid raised the sword gleaming in the light that braked through the room. Her sabers would ignight followed simultaneously by Maria's. Each step the droid took while charging at Sanya clanked against the floor, the sword coming in for a strike to her shoulder. In response she would raise her left arm to intercept the blade as she brought her right across her then swing it out. The Droid would jump back to wait for the saber to pass and jump forward setting it's sword in a stabbing action. She would bring her left arm rapidly and step to the left as well to block. "SWITCH!" she shouted lunging the droids blade away. Maria would then lunge in it's self striking with the orange blade from the bottom left and up to the right. The tip of the blade would only scrape deeply along the droids body leaving a red hot burning trail. Before the droid could fully comprehend and react, the saber would loop around from its fluent movement into a strike going from the right to left slicing it through the middle. The Droid would separate into two leaving it's top half scraping across the floor to move. Sanya reached her hand out and ripped out it's power cell out the back before levitating it to her palm.