The Galactic Alliance was pleased to announce that there is a meet and greet being hosted at the newly renovated Hot Springs at the Recreational District on Sullust. This event will be fully catered and is opened to those who can pass by a simple security scan. That also includes knowledge that the Jedi are going to be there. But the event is open to all who are looking to wheel-and-deal with the Alliance. Have wares you think they could benefit from? Looking to join the Alliance? Do they have the people to speak to you!
The broadcast continued on very simply. It was another news update from the Alliance News Network. Word on the Architect strike at Yag'Dhul was still being cleaned up. The death toll of the Givin was till being calculated, but with assistance from the friendly forces in the Silver Sanctum Coalition, the Alliance and SSC were able to push back the Architects and are currently working to rebuild the world, and assist the Protectorate with monitoring hte future of the world.
On the other end of their territory, work has been on-going to link the New Jedi Order with the mysterious Jensaarai Force group. They have contacted the Alliance in an effort to strengthen ties and the team that was sent out to Suarbi 7 has been working diligently to unravel a case of mystique.
Futhermore, the Alliance has made its way to Eriadu, where the First Order was working to subjugate the world and undermine the Alliance control.
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