To the members of the Confederate Assembly of the Viceroyalty,
Some of you may have encountered me on my travels before. But there are many of you I have yet to meet. I wish to extend my thanks to your kind and benevolent nation for welcoming us to your fold with open arms in this time of need and suffering. Though I have been a member of this nation for nearly a year now, I feel as though my time among your nation has only just begun.
These times are difficult, of that I make no mistake. But such has always been the way of things. Conflict of any form is inevitable. I myself am born and bred of it. And I am pleased to see the fruits of my labor, in this time of relative peace and prosperity. And yet my work is not finished. There are forces that would seek the destruction of the innocent. And I shall not rest until my dying breath, ever in pursuit of a peace that I myself shall never know. And so I call to you, members of the Viceroyalty, to join Vylmira in standing firm against the forces that would seek the annihilation of the galaxy, and the very essence of life itself, as noble protectors and defenders of the free peoples of the galaxy.
With my appointment to your numbers, I vow to continue my calling as a defender of peace, and an agent of justice. The road to peace is never easy. The cobbles shall run red with blood, and the skies shall darken under clouds of war. Against insurmountable odds ever shall we stand. But stand fast in the face of the consuming darkness, we must. For so long as one person stands against the darkness, the embers of hope shall be kindled. My resolve, and that of Vylmira, is unwavering. I speak on behalf of men and women who would gladly lay down their lives for the betterment of others, and I ask you to consider as we have considered, the lives that come beyond our own. Through your words and actions, shape the galaxy to a better place, that the struggles of today might be the myths of tomorrow. That our children, and their children, might know peace.
Vylmira shall stand strong beside you. In your darkest hour, we shall rally to your defense.
For a better tomorrow we may never live to see.
Voph Sitridsa'yr