The blue light of the holocron would fill the room as the familiar visage of Master Coren Starchaser was sitting on the floor, cross legged, the imagery of holocrons and physical books on the ground of what was clearly a room on a freighter.

Ok, you’re on. Good. This one is for those of you who have been curious about a few other things beyond the Force as an alter power, a power to be used in combat to protect, and in some cases, disable a foe. I’ve been traveling around the galaxy the past few months with Celeste, and we’ve been on a bit of a… well, lack of a better term, a Force-induced scavenger hunt. Visited a few worlds, some that we knew would exist, others that felt like they would exist only in legends… Tall tales from spacers. But the interesting part was that some were there. Mostly worlds that I had heard had connections to the Force. Some I’ve fought on, some that were in the Unknown Regions and Wild Space.

As you know, Student, that I have long been a follower of Luke Skywalker, how he handled things during the Vong War, how he fought the Emperor and Darth Vader… Trained Rey, trained Katarn… It is very much the school of thought I have. You’ve seen lessons that are supposedly originated from Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master Yoda in this holocron, as well as from Skywalker himself. And the teachings have been useful, however, there is one that is what you’re looking for. The lesson on enhancing otherwise mundane objects to be useful to a Jedi.

You may or may not be aware of Sith Alchemy, the concept of how a Sith can combine the powers of the dark side into an item, or even a living creature to achieve some very unnatural, and unsettling ends. This allows Sith to impose their will on the universe, and mutate and change it. Very much implying the dark side. There was a holocron, and a teaching by Rey of all people, on how she may have been slightly imbuing her quarterstaff with the Force to make it stronger. Maybe doing this subconsciously, but from one of the books I found, Weapon Experts, Jedi Guardians were able to imbue weapons, from mundane tree branches, to vibroweapons with the Force, strengthening it. It is different from Alchemy as it isn’t a permanent thing, it stays for as long as its needed.

But with the Sith using alchemy, would we, as Jedi, or followers of Ashla, always have to charge an item before we used it? That was what I was looking for as an answer. Rey’s musings had some of the answers, that the Force could be channeled into items when they were being forged, and they became more… receptive? To the Force. And imbuement, it seems like it can last for a while, in this way, but it requires more time to focus. In the field, taking something and focusing into it, well, its temporary, but if you are there during its forging, or at least have some time with it, you can make a simple amulet or bracelet be able to grant its wearer enhanced protections and resiliency, or able to fall into Force Body quickly. And while that is all good and well, its still not a counter, per se.

The more we dug, we found books and holocrons with more ideas. Redundancy Charms for one, the very essence of the light side cast into a kyber crystal that could sense when someone was falling unconscious, and had a wound beyond their control and stabilize them. As Kyber is alive, it was interesting to see these, and I got to work. I began working, and sometimes successfully, sometimes not, on storing power in a crystal, the more power put into it the larger the crystal, the finer the alloys. Still, it was working, at least between Celeste and Kaia and myself, to allow for the release of more advanced techniques, being able to blind, or allow for a repulsive wave or a stasis field around the user. I think there really is something here.

The trick is that the crystals, they have to be receptive to it, to the power from the enchanter and the mind of the user, almost the latter more. Kyber seems to naturally lean light. Taking some cues from the Jal Shey, the ability to make a long lasting power, it seems to be a form of teaching the metal, or in some cases, the kyber, respond and learn what you want it to do, and it modifies, but seems to improve the items. Its not so much telling as it is asking. Imbuing is more about teaching than the forcing the dark side does with their alchemy and magick.

A few hours seems to be what it takes to teach the kyber and the metals… And I’ve been trying to do it for some larger numbers, and the simpler, more basic powers, protection, Body, they seem like they can be ‘taught’ in mass, but anything beyond that needs to be a one off, or only a few at a time…