That's right. It's been about five months since I joined the forum, and it has been one hell of a ride.
I came to this forum after experimenting with a few others, and at that point didn't really expect much. I skipped putting something up in new members, which I now regret, and created my first character: Judgement. Some of you may know her. I'm not happy with her now, but I wasn't really trying much back then.
I did my bio, and opened a public thread. I was prepared to wait for hours, if not days, before I received a response; but I was shocked when I got one in six minutes. That spiraled an adventure that satisfied me at first, but I quickly grew bored with it.
From there, I created Empress Mar'Dikan and the Zhornee. I had never put as much work into something for RP as I did for that species and planet submission. I was satisfied when it got approved, and wasted no time diving into them. Looking back, I would do a lot of things different with them, but that's neither here nor there.
But even with them, I grew bored. Nothing seemed to keep me invested, and I was getting to the point where I was considering just giving up on RP altogether. Nothing really mattered to me anymore.
But I decided to give it one last go, just to see what happened. And I dragged a character out of one of my fanfictions: Nyx.
And I was hooked. For probably the first time since joining, I felt actual joy when writing instead of just satisfaction. For the first time, I was truly having fun. And it was because of one thing: I didn't take it seriously.
If you read my earliest writings on the site, then you'll notice that I was one hundred percent serious all the time; and that's why I didn't enjoy writing. I was afraid to let my sense of humor show, afraid I'd step out of line or offend someone. I still am, sometimes.
But for the most part, when I stopped taking everything I did seriously, then I started having fun and I feel like people started liking me more.
I wrote Nyx for a bit, established her personality, and had a bit of fun. I still wrote the others, and even created a few more, but I always went back to Nyx. Always. She was the person people knew me for, the character people liked.
And then it happened. I put out an offer for RP, and someone bit that I never expected. Someone with a lot of experience on the site, and a bit of a position. For me, it was like hanging out with a celebrity. I couldn't believe that someone like that liked my writing enough to thread with me, and to this day, I really still don't.
It's only gotten better from there. I got promoted to a Codex Judge, and joined the ranks of people I had always looked to as an example. People that I considered so high above me that I never even considered the possibility of interacting with them beyond getting my things judged. But it happened.
I've made my fair share of mistakes, but I'm determined to prove to you people that I can do this, that I can write stories people will remember.
It's been a privelege to be a part of this wonderful place, and the future looks only brighter.