The face of Alis'ila'miurani appeared across the screens of citizens all across Chiss Space. She had her usual stern look upon her visage before she addressed her people. Adjacent to her faded in the emblem of the Zweihander Union, thus revealing the subject of her address. Everything she said, she spoke in Galactic Basic for those within Chiss Space that did not know the native tongue.

People of the Chiss Ascendancy. I come before you today to spread words of caution. As you know, everything I do, I do for the good of the Ascendancy and it's people. There are those out there who would see us enslaved or destroyed. We know of the Catharian Hegemony. Although a vastly minor threat, they are a threat nonetheless that we must continue to stand strong against.

But now, there is yet another who dares to claim our people as theirs: The Zweihander Union.

They are a new group that claims to offer people freedom and stability, yet they enforce their laws and lifestyle upon our people. They hide behind their smiling masks as they cut a path through Chiss Space in the name of conquest. However, we are smarter than to be fooled by this.

Then, they claim to offer a place for us in their "union". They wish to taint our good people and culture with theirs through assimilation. Their only wish is to tear us down until the Ascendancy no longer exists. They will devour each and everyone of us, turning us into their mindless drones. Do not fall prey to their deceit and false offers of grandeur.

We shall overcome this. We have suffered at the hands of greedy imperialists before and we have outlasted them.

Stay strong, Chiss Ascendancy.