"Elector Primo Savri Sal II is a traior. The Corporate Protectorate died when each of you declared war on each other" - High Admiral Ritchin, Supreme Commander of the Ex - Protectorate Armed Forces, Military Magistrate of Baritone

The Corporate Protectorate was a failure. Every minute of it's existince was a affront to the legitimate governments of the galaxy. Whwn Ari Zanearth, first Consul and Elector Primo of the Protectorate was revealed as a Sith Acolyte it spelled doom for the reigme of Corporate enthusiasts.

In 859 ABY, the government of the Corporate Protectorate removed the regime from the Galactic front in hopes of establishing a legitimate protector of the worlds conquered under it's corrupt banner. This failed. And soon, the members Magistrate, corporate mascots, declared war on each other. Xa Fel, Selvaris, and Baritone were almost obliterated by themselves.

Until the military refused to fight any longer and removed the Magistrate from power entirely and recruited Savik Fel, the last surviving and willing member of the Protectorate's original founders, to lead the newly declared Xa Fel Provisional Republic. He accepted.

The XPR was reorganized into the Imperial Federation in 860 ABY. The Corporate Protectorate, and forever will be, dead.

The Imperial Federation supports the endeavor by Kuat although the newly reformed Magistrate wishes the reform was done via legal channels however, the galaxy isn't perfect.

Good Luck Galaxy -

Office of Lord Imperator Savik Fel

Office of Archlord Of the Magistrate, Jaranomo Sal