We, the people of the Imperial Federation of the Sovereign Systems of Xa Fel and Baritone, lead by our glorious Lord Imperator do herby issue this Decree of Reparations to the Kuati Regency and the current State of Kuat for immediate dispensation from said State for the following:

  • 1. The State of Xa Fel, which has served as the center of hyperdrive construction in the galaxy for more than a millennia. As the site of a major Kuat Drive Yards production facility, Xa Fel was hot equipped with the standard radiation shielding as any other production host nor any other form of protection. Due to this, the planet itself remained unhositible to any life form beyond the disfigured Xa Fel natives for more 1,856 years. And even though many of the horrible things were undone during the reign of the Corporate Protectorate, the fact still stands that the State of Kuat, which has owenershup and liability over the KDY should have stepped in and solved this problem. History Records you have not.
  • 2.The State of Xa Fel Pt.2 - The atmospheric damage to Xa Fel was an easy fix using Terra forming technology however many Xa Fel still suffer genetic damage that must be treated with Genetic Engineering of the next generation. We hold it upon you to both finance and oversee these endeavor
If none of these matters are attended to the Imperial Federation will be required to appeal directly to the Galactic Alliance in addition to asking the Alliance Senate permission to evict the KDY Facilities still in orbit.


Lord Imperator Savik Fel, Sovereign Ruler of Xa Fel and Baritone
Archlord Jaranomo Sal, Director of Legislative Affairs.
Director General Valar Kuat, Senior Executive Officer, Kuat - Xa Fel Production Yards.