After over 20 years of on and off writing of Kay, she is gone. It's been a real struggle these past couple of years in getting anything going with her. New factions pop up, only to die off shortly after she took part. I saw that as a sign. Promises to do epic storytelling often fell to myself being the only participant. I had foreshadowed it for months. It came to the point that every post was depressing. So last night I pulled the plug. It wasn't some epic showdown like I had hoped for. No saving grace. No rekindling of hope. Just despair. Finding dedicated writing partners is a tough game and I've exhausted my way through them. There's always something/someone better that comes along.

It's the end of a long era for me. Kay was very much a part of me and it's like a part of myself has died too. But who knows? Maybe something good will come of it. Some day.