Following the victory at Sev Tok just months ago, King Valhoun has authorized massive support to coalition forces facing The Bryn'adul threat. Now, with logistical and military support from The Elysium Empire, coalition forces led by The Silver Jedi Concord have secured a string of victories against The Bryn threat. It is now believed that The Bryn'adul are on the verge of collapse internally, while their armies attempt to regroup.

In response to these reports, King Valhoun has recalled all current exports to coalition forces. The funds...some 750 million credits... are to be reallocated to "Research and development." Specifically, King Valhoun claims The Empire is very near the creation of a proper terraforming machine to help restore the planets conquered by The Bryn. Furthermore a portion of the funds are being spent to help conserve the many now-endangered species of the planets, such as The Nexu.

Meanwhile The Sith Empire has collapsed, leaving many splinter factions and warlords in its' wake. While Elysium intervention was limited and brief, King Valhoun claims that this victory belongs to "All of us." and the battle "Is far from over."

The Final statement by King Valhoun is in regards to Csilla, and The Chiss race. "Csilla will be reborn from the ashes of war." While his meaning is unclear, we can confirm that a small fleet of scouting vessels such as The Lancer-2 frigate have been stationed around the ruins of Csilla, led by a Makashi class light cruiser.